Four Health Benefits to Buying a New Mattress

You work hard all day long and you deserve to enjoy a full night’s rest after all that stress. However, your old worn-out mattress may be causing more than one health problem and the sleepiness you associate with other problems may yet be your mattress’s fault. Nearly a third of your life is spent in bed sleeping and it should come as no surprise that purchasing the right mattress can make a world of difference. The right bed can ensure a restful and productive sleep and lead to a number of health benefits. With a full-time job, children, school, and all the other things people get caught up in during their waking hours, their restful hours should be as productive as possible.

Allergy Relief

It might surprise you to learn that your mattress can gain pounds of weight in just a few years from the dead skin cells, dust mites, and other debris that collect in it. While the urban legend that states a mattress’s weight would double in just eight years is not actually true, the weight that it does gain in that time is still significant. Older beds are a breeding ground for allergy-triggering pests such as dust mites. The many layers and hidden nooks of your old mattress may be causing more harm than good, such as watery eyes or sneezing. For this reason, you may want to consider a new bed from Costco to alleviate your worst symptoms.

Immune System

Constant research is conducted on the positive reactions reflected in the body after a good night of rest. This research proves over time that lack of good sleep has a dramatically negative impact on your immune system. Those who tend to sleep only a few hours a night or who do not sleep deeply are generally more susceptible to disease and illness. When your immune system is tired and weak, you will simply not feel like yourself and catching a cold is far easier.

Improved Memory

A new comfortable bed can afford you the ability to sleep more deeply and for a longer period without interruption. During this deep sleep, called REM sleep, memories solidify during a unique process performed by the brain. This commits what you learn to your long-term memory and what you learned, studied, or practiced during the day is more likely to stay with you the next day. A new bed fitted to your unique preferences and physical needs may be all that you need to feel more like yourself and keep more of the information you receive each day.

Back Pain Relief

As humans age, they lose height and strength due to prolonged exposure to the pull of gravity. This shrinkage, among other factors, can cause a very common ailment known as back pain. A new mattress with the right support can adapt to the natural curves of the body and the spine, which can lead to dramatically reduced pain in the morning. No matter which mattress you choose, you are sure to get a better night of rest than you ever did on your tired outdated mattress.

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