Dr. Curtis Cripe Establishes the Healing Power of Behavioral Medicine and Neuro Engineering Methodologies


When it comes to human psychological health, the area of behavioral medicine combines multidisciplinary branches, however, it majorly emphasizes on widespread research methods, findings from behavioral outcomes and biomedical sciences. With the unprecedented advancements in the concepts over the traditional ideologies, latest research findings and mechanisms, behavioral medicine now employs information gathered out of the human behavior studies, biological concepts, psychology, pharmacology and social sciences and enables behavioral medicine researchers to develop more accurate as well, custom made solutions for individual’s physical and mental wellbeing.

As per opinion of the globally distinguished neuro-engineer Dr. Curtis Cripe  that in 21st century, other than focusing just on health psychology, the practitioners also make best use of psycho-physiological procedures such as hypnosis, findings and biofeedback in order to meet the best solutions. In fact, these days behavioral medicine employed extensively all over the world in occupational therapy, brain recovery and rehab medicine. As a high profile neuroengineer with mastery in behavioral medicine Dr. Curtis has now been operational as the director, guide and chief of worldly famed community NTL Group’s Research and Development department.Image result for Dr. Curtis Cripe Establishes the Healing Power of Behavioral Medicine and Neuro Engineering Methodologies

Among the vast research based programs of NTL Group, one of his key responsibilities is continuous development of BrainRecoveryTM, a comprehensive Cognitive Rehabilitation Technique or CRT program intended to help individuals having lost cognitive function, dysfunctional issues caused by use of drugs and illicit substances, medication side effects, brain injury or stressful lifestyle.

Curtis Cripe earned his undergraduate as well as graduate degrees from California State Polytechnic University with specialization in aerospace engineering. Subsequently, he underwent his Master’s degree and also achieved Ph. D. in the vast area of health psychology and behavioral medicine from Arizona based NorthCentral University. Dr. Curtis joined the Jet Propulsion Lab, a part of NASA as the senior system engineer at its California headquarters. He took active participation in NASA’s major aerospace project that has been documented as the first successful Mars landing. He is the founder of the Crossroads Institute that specializes in telemedicine based brain training therapies and developmental courses.

Being in the key role at Crossroads, he used to guide, direct and supervise all its technical, scientific and management related activities spread over twelve locations across seven states. Here only, Dr. Curtis Cripe, for the first time in history employed the scope of telemedicine as well as internet facility to administer and deliver great solutions intended to brain-training and rehab therapies. As reported the immense network has assisted crossing 15000 families as well as parents with kids’ victims of learning disabilities well known as ADD or ADHD, autism, as well other brain based developmental disorders.

Dr. Cripe is an esteemed author of a number of very informative and resourceful publications and research papers. To name a few among them are ‘Neuroenginnering and Brain Recovery Methods’, ‘the Healing power of Neuro-feedback or ‘Effective Use of the new generation LENS Tool as an Adjunct to Cognitive NeuroDevelopmental Training’ are great additions to neuropathic world.  The lifetime-member of Golden Key International Honor Society is a Certified INPP instructor for brain repairing and also a globally distinguished Neuro-Therapic mentor.


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