What Are The Determinants Of IVF Cost?

Till a few decade ago a term like In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), was almost unheard of. The one thing that most people did know about was ‘test-tube’ babies. But with changing times and changing lifestyle, there has been in cases of infertility. It might come as a surprise, but 1 in every 6 couples, faces infertility issues. However, thanks to the medical advancements there are many ways in which such couples are being helped in having a family, and IVF is surely one of the trusted ways.

When it comes to planning an IVF, there are many factors that ned to be considered, the financial aspect is a key factor. In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is not a sole process, it involves many other procedures from different medical personnel at almost every stage. An estimated IVF cost in Mumbai is around 3 to 5 lakh INR. Though many clinics and centres help the couple by providing all services and procedures together under one roof, still it is important to know what are the various factors that affect the IVF cost. If you or someone you know are planning to go for IVF, here is a list of factors explaining what are the determinants of IVF cost.

  • Laboratory Tests

The procedure of IVF begins with lots of lab tests. After all, the doctors have to check everything and all the conditions are to be kept in mind. Blood tests are conducted regularly to examine the level of different hormones, the ovarian reserve of the woman etc. Whereas in men, lab tests include semen analysis.

  • Ultrasounds
    An ultrasound helps in clearly monitoring the ovaries and the other reproductive organs that affect ovulation. The doctor has to see if the eggs and the follicles are prepared for the procedure of retrieval. They are also instrumental in monitoring other fertility factors which play a crucial role in the entire procedure.

  • Retrieval of Eggs

The retrieval of the eggs is said to be the most rigorous process in the entire cycle of IVF. Once the monitoring of drugs that are given for fertility is done, the process of ovulation begins. The doctor then using ultrasound machines, surgically has to retrieve the eggs.

  • Sperm Donation

For couples who have low fertility issues, they may require a sperm donor which generally costs around 8,000 to 15,000 INR. But when it comes to sperm donation for IVF. It should also be kept in mind that donor eggs are comparatively more expensive than donor sperm.

  • Prep of Sperm

Be it through a sperm donor or your partner’s sperm, it has to be ‘washed’ and cleaned. The semen is treated by a centrifugal process. The preparation of the sperm helps in locating and separating the healthiest sperm, which can be further used for fertilisation.  

  • Embryo Culturing and Transfer

Generally once the egg is combined with the sperm, the process of fertilisation takes place. The embryos formed are them carefully cultured though various scientific processes. After this the best-quality embryos are identified, and they are considered ready to be transferred. In about four to five days the doctor would make the transfer into the woman’s uterus. In some cases the embryos are frozen to be used in the future.

  • Embryo Storage

More and more women are going for freezing their embryos, as they wish to continue their careers. As 20s and 30s are considered the prime years to conceive, they are also prime in making a career. The women can use their own eggs at an age when they are ready to have babies. The initial cost of embryo storage costs around 20,000 to 30,000 INR, followed by an annual charge.

  • Medication
    There are many prescribed medicines that are given by the doctor, both before as well as after the IVF is conducted. They can be both oral tablets and capsules or injections. Medicines are given for fertility boosting and hormones too. Such medicines are generally quite expensive too.

  • Other Non-Medical Expenses

Apart from the above mentioned expenses there are many unseen expenses that cannot be ignored. All the procedures un the IVF need you to dedicate a lot of time. If your town or city doesn’t have any good IVF centre, you may have to travel to another city often during the entire process. This involves travelling, cab, and hotel rentals.

Though the above factors include the basic structure of the expenses, it is highly recommended that you discuss all procedures and costs involved with your doctor in detail. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious and unsure about the process and success rate of IVF, so, do discuss about all your issues with your doctor. It would help you think clearly and decide wisely.

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