Dental Implant Surgery: What You Should Expect, Every Step of the Way

Dental implant in Melbourne is a step towards a more confident you! If you have decided to embark on this deciding healthcare milestone, you have to know about the various aspects f the procedure. Firstly, you should make note of the fact that dental implant is not a one step process; rather, it is a planned multi-step process which can involve a time period ranging from a few weeks to several months. If dental implants were one step procedures, they would not have reached the 98% success rate they have achieved today.

In Melbourne, dental implants are time intensive because your mouth and jawbone must in a condition to withstand your implants over a long period. This is why we require you to have an adequate bone density before moving forward with the surgery.

If your jawbone is not strong enough to withstand the surgery, bone grafting may be necessary to strengthen your jaw. Depending on the amount of bone grafting needed, the time your jaw takes to regrow bone mass varies. According to this variation, the interval between both procedures is also altered.

Comprehensive pre-surgery instructions will be issued by the dentist in charge of handling the tooth implants in Melbourne and provided to you for better understanding. During the surgery, it is important to note that even though every surgical procedure comes with some degree of discomfort; your surgeon would definitely administer sedatives to ensure that there is minimal pain during the procedure. After administrating anaesthesia, the following steps will be followed by the surgeon:

  1. Small incisions would be made in your mouth, resulting in minuscule “flaps” that expose the bone needed to fuse and hold the implants in position.
  2. Using a drill, the needed space to implant your new tooth will be carefully created.
  3. The basal titanium screw will be fixed in the empty space.
  4. With the metal base securely in its place, your jawbone will need some time to develop and join with the metal naturally.
  5. After the regrowth is complete, the abutment, or the material that keeps the artificial crown in place, is combined with the titanium screw.
  6. A few weeks of reprieve are given for your gums to heal completely.
  7. Then, the dentist shall use teeth patterns to make sure it fit securely.
  8. The last step is getting your natural-looking crown onto the abutment.

Depending on the number of teeth you are replacing, the process might take from a few weeks to several months to complete. By that time, your jawbone should be properly fused and unified with the implants.  

A Little about Dental Implant Melbourne:

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