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Beauty Care


You need to know this fact! Your skin is the greatest organ of your body, both to the extent weight which is around 8 pounds and surface zone. Your skin segregates inside your body's fundamental organs from outside air which...


Acupuncture in Dublin

There are several out there who often confuse themselves with acupuncture and acupressure just because they sound similar. Both being alternative healing therapies and known to have a lot of things in common where the former is performed with the...

Beauty Care

The medical benefits of botox

Botox is a drug that is synonymous with the prevention of facial wrinkles and aging lines. Botox was approved for medical use in 2002 and has become a standard option prescribed by cosmetic surgeons. The drug is known for smoothing...


Can Your Cell Phone Damage Your Brain? 

Health studies published worldwide report using a cell phone over 10 minutes per day break down the body's blood brain barrier allowing harmful toxins in the blood to enter into the brain. Government Studies link cell phone use to brain...

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