6 Top Tips for Looking After Your Teeth


Unlike other parts of your body, your teeth can be very difficult to look after. We’re not able to see our teeth without a mirror, and even when you use a mirror, there are many teeth and many parts of your teeth that you just can’t see. In order to keep your teeth as healthy as possible, here are some top tips that you can follow.

Brush your teeth the right amount

If you start talking to your dentist about Canberra dental care, you will soon find that there is a right amount of times to be brushing your teeth each day. While some people think that the more you brush, the healthier it is for your teeth, this isn’t always the case. Brushing too much can actually weaken your teeth and wear down the enamel, causing lots of pain in the long run and more problems. You should aim to brush your teeth no more than 2-3 times per day.

Don’t just brush – get flossing!

Many people give their teeth a quick brush for a couple of minutes in the morning and then again in the evening, but you should also be flossing your teeth for proper results. Not only will this make your teeth much cleaner, but you’ll also feel like your teeth are much cleaner and healthier. Flossing is a great habit to get into, and your dentist will probably encourage you to do this.

Cut down on acids

We don’t always realise the amount of acidic foods and drinks that we’re eating. Fruit is very good for you, but too much will soon start to have a negative effect on your teeth. Cut down on fruit juices and sugary drinks in particular, since these contain a huge amount of sugar as well as lots of acid that isn’t great for your dental hygiene and care.

Eat healthy foods

If looking and feeling great wasn’t a good enough reason to start eating healthier, it can also work wonders for your teeth. Eating the right foods will benefit you all round, and avoiding foods that stain, such as red wine and curries, will help your teeth to maintain a healthy whiter colour rather than becoming discoloured over time.

Have regular check-ups

It’s important that you make an effort to visit your dentist at least once every two years. Even if you don’t feel any pain in your mouth or have any dental issues, there may be things that you’re not noticing and that needs a professional to have a look at. Maintaining regular appointments with your dentist will ensure that your dental hygiene is as good as it could possibly be.

Never ignore professional advice

If your dentist recommends that you stop eating a certain food or that you use a certain product, it’s a good idea to take this advice on board and follow it through. Once you start having dental problems with your teeth, you could be fighting a battle that lasts for a long time and only gets worse.


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