4 exercise to do every day

If you regularly go to the gym to lose extra pounds or maybe build up muscles three days a week, you know it’s not enough. Whatever strength training or Zumba or spin you are performing near the instructor, it won’t reach your fitness goal quickly until you do some go-to workout at home. Doing exercise at home also covered other benefits.

You can start anywhere casually and maintain a daily routine so, if you not yet enroll in the gym but want to get the master of fitness techniques, it’s highly possible. Just only a bit of seriousness is required as there will be no trainer at your home, and you will train yourself. 

So, if you are dedicated and punctual, here are the top 6 home exercises for you. It will cover everything from yoga to aerobic and cardio. If you can spend 20 minutes a day, it’s enough, and for sure you will get a good result, I promise.

However, one strong piece of advice is, consult with a doctor before following these exercises. Yet most of them are free-hand exercise, and the doctor will also suggest following every day, but it’s better to consult before starting.

Walk or Run:

As soon you wake up early morning, start walking outside. It will make your mood better all day, and you will get more energy and strength into your body. You will be in fresh mind with your partner, friend and colleague.

But if you are running out of time for the office, you can walk or run on a treadmill or any other indoor running machine. If you found it expensive, you can also see an indoor exercise bike. They almost come at reasonable prices but produce the same health benefits. It’s almost good as walking outside, and also you can fix your time and reach the fitness goal. 

First, start with brisk exercise and gradually increase the time. Your bones will get stronger, and soon you will start to lose weight. so, it’s beneficial from all sides.

Cardio exercise:

Not every exercise can take care of your heart. That’s why you need to do different cardio exercises every day. You should spend at least 10-15 minutes doing cardio exercise. This exercise bike or elliptical bike is one of the best options you can use. Usually, you can do cycling on this type of exercise machine. You can also increase and decrease the speed as much as needed. It directly improves your metabolism rate and helps to burn calories faster than any other cardio machine.

If you believe in manual exercise, you can do jumping and sprinting as they are considered the best aerobic exercise, but it won’t boost your metabolism that much as indoor cycling can do. So, bring your intense level cardio workout via exercise bike.


Perhaps everyone knows about the benefits of yoga. It improves the breathing system and makes your body and minds flexible, relaxes. Lack of breathing is exacerbating the dangerous problem in the human body. So, adding up a small yoga workout is not a bad idea. Because it slows down the fast breathing symptom, you faced high blood pressure and helped as a cardio exercise. So to provide oxygen in your body and keep your unused muscles tight and stretched, do yoga exercise every day. It will make your muscles flexible and can release lower back pain problems by tightening the muscle tissue.

Functional training:

Sprinting, weight lifting, jumping, twisting, and bending are common functional training tools used to build the muscles. So, if you want to be active and make your quads, chest, triceps, hamstrings, calves and gluts strong, you can start doing functional training from today onwards. In this way, you can prepare your body by stimulating your daily movements. Although some handy equipment such as kettle bells is required for the lifting job, it will help core the muscles.


So what is the best part of doing exercise every day? It will strengthen your bones and muscles daily and help you break through the fitness plateau regularly. So, no expensive gym machine is required. You can moves at home all the time.


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