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What is Botox?

Do you want to look young and attractive? Are you feeling dejected that you have wrinkles all over your face when you look in the mirror? Don’t worry, I am going to reveal to you the secret to reclaim your lost charm which you had a few years back. Botox is a treatment that helps to remove wrinkles, that disturbs you, within no time. It is a treatment that paralyzes (for some time) the muscles in your body to prevent wrinkles on your face. It is one kind of poison that works on the nervous system and helps you to have a wrinkle-free skin. It is certainly a poison, but if used wisely and carefully, it will do more good than bad.

The first signs of aging are often wrinkles seen around your eyes, forehead, cheeks, and lips. But somestimes pre mature aging of skin can also occur due to excessive stress, basking in sun for too long, consumption of alcohol & smoking, lifestyle choices & medical conditions. Pre mature aging of skin can make you look older than your age even in your late 30’s. So many women when in that age group resort to anti-aging treatments & cosmetic treatments like Botox. A lot of celebrities are known to do this treatment to maintain their looks.

Is it safe to undergo this treatment?

Botox is a Neurotoxin that is derived from the bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum. Yes, you hear it right. On the contrary, almost 6 million people use this bacteria to stay young. This is a medical treatment that doesn’t require any surgery and is done for cosmetic purposes only. Botox treatment takes around 15 minutes and most patients consider it virtually painless. Botox injections are completely safe when applied by an experienced physician.

But If the needle accidently hits a small blood vessel, a small bruise may occur. Another possible side-effect (in less than 1% of cases) of treating wrinkles is the temporary paralysis of the facial muscles. Thus its very crucial to select the right doctor with good experience. There are very reputed cosmetic clinics and dermatologist in Mumbai offering this treatment with advanced techniques & state of the art infrastructure. A lot of women in Mumbai opt for this treatment because of the changing lifestyle and as it can reduce wrinkles and keep you looking younger. This procedure is also gaining popularity among women in Delhi. As people of Delhi are very fashion consious, most of the dermatologist in Delhi provide this procedure seeing its demand. Only after you get to know about the doctor’s experience & good reviews about him you must consider getting this treatment done from him.

How does Botox work?

Botox is only toxic in extremely high concentrations. For anti-wrinkle and anti-perspiration procedures low concentrations of Botox are used  and is its not toxic also quite safe to use. Usually, in a normal human body, the muscle cells are attached to the body at the nerve endings and any messages sent through the nerves will reach muscles with the help of a messenger called acetylcholine. Once the muscles receive the message from the nerve it will start to contract. This Neurotoxin prevents the release of acetylcholine that prevents the muscles from contracting and make the muscles less flexible. As a result of this temporary paralysis, the wrinkles and line on the skin start to vanish slowly.

What are the other medical conditions for which this treatment is used?

  •    Squint eyes
  •    Migraine
  •    Bladder leaking without control.
  •    Too much sweat in the body.
  •    Laugh lines on the corner of  the eyes
  • anti-perspiration procedures

There are many other medical conditions for which this can be used and some of them, are under research.

Details of the procedure:

Botox is available in bottles in the form of white powder, it is made thinner by adding water to it and administered into the patients face that make the irritating furrowed brow disappear within 24 to 72 hours after application. It, in rare cases, takes 5 hours to prove effective. Since it is injected into the Neuromuscular tissue in the patients face, the skin around that particular area becomes stiff and prevents the skin from contracting. Those who are very much interested in getting this treatment done and are pregnant can wait for some time. This procedure is strictly not done in pregnant ladies and those mothers who are in the lactating stage. You physician will advice you in case if the treatment is not suitable for you. So always discuss with your skin specialist prior to your treatment and get to know the details of the treatment.

Does this procedure have any side effects?

Having discussed, at length, about what is Botox, we should now discuss whether this process has any side effects or is completely safe. Since the doctors inject a very minute quantity of botox, it hardly has any side effects. Another important thing to be noted is that it doesn’t paralyze the muscles of that particular area where it is administered or injected. Moreover, this paralysis doesn’t prevent you from feeling that particular area where this procedure has been done. In other words, this bacterium prevents the movement of the muscles, only, in a particular area but doesn’t prevent the feeling of that area.

In very rare cases, the body develops an antibody that doesn’t produce any desired results in the patients. Normally, some temporary uneasiness like vomiting sensation, reddening of the skin, drooping eyelids or difficulty in swallowing can happen immediately after the treatment. These mild side effects will go off after some time.

Do I need to repeat this process?

As discussed earlier, this is a temporary paralysis of the muscles that prevent the appearance of wrinkles on your face. You can stay wrinkle free for the next four months and after that, you can see the same old wrinkles appearing again on your face. Getting a botox injection every 4-6 months is recommended for maintaining results. In younger patients it may last up to 8-9 months. Ultimately, the protein gets broken down into amino acids or is either discharged out of the body by the kidneys.  

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