Unable to Work after Organ Failure? Hire Experienced Utah Disability Attorneys

Published On July 7, 2017 | By Anna McDonald | Featured

If you have recently gone under knife for organ transplant, you are likely to be on leave for a good amount of time. Rest is important for recovery. Unfortunately on the other side, you suffer loss of income and on top of that, lack of sufficient medical insurance makes the situation more frustrating. However, you are in some luck as the Social Security Administration provides benefits to those who are out of work due to organ failure. Such benefits make a good compensation for medical bills and lost income.

An experienced social security disability lawyer is the most competent person to provide you with good guidance from preparing your case to presenting it to the juries.

Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Association or SSA offers and distributes two types of benefits – Supplemental Security Income or SSI and Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI. There is a distinct set of eligibility requirements for each program.

SSDI is allotted to the workers, who are considered disabled as per the current rules, and their families. Whether a disabled person qualifies for the program depends on his employment details as well as his past contributions to social security tax. The applicant must have a specified amount of work credits. The applicants eligible for SSDI automatically qualify for Medicare coverage after waiting for a couple of years. However, in critical cases, the waiting period is waived.

SSI is a program to provide financial benefits to the disabled, elderly and blind persons from the low income group. The authority has a clear and strict guideline about financial limitations to determine who will qualify for the benefits. Those exceeding these limitations will not be considered eligible for SSI.

In some cases, applicants qualifying for SSDI come within the ambit of SSI financial limitations. In those circumstances, they will enjoy benefits from both the programs.

Social Security Disability Lawyer – A Friend in Your Need

Importance of a social security disability attorney cannot be emphasized more if you have been or are on treatment table for organ failure.. Such cases are very complicated and usually get dragged on for a long time. The applicant has to provide all necessary details to prove his disability and loss of income during treatment. Understandably, you are unlikely to win the case without help of experienced Utah Disability Attorneys. Hiring a lawyer, who has specialization in social security disability and devotes a great deal of his time to such cases, can convince the juries with his gift of the gab and medical evidences that will work in your favour.

Before filing your case, the lawyer will go through your medical history as well as conditions to be sure that you have a greater chance to qualify for social security disability benefit payments. The probability of winning the case is more than 50% if you hire a good social security disability lawyer. Many times, the applicants face rejection from the social security administration just because they fail to present their cases in the most professional way. Fate of these cases largely depends on if your medical records include necessary details and are convincing enough.

Don’t try to be a host in yourself; instead approach a lawyer to file your case and take it forward.

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