Top ways that will teach you how to remove pimples

Published On July 4, 2017 | By Goldie Brim | Beauty Care

When you go through your adolescent phase, your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. You will find many changes in your body during this time and post that. Pimples are one of them. Usually, the first occurrence of pimples is when you are in your teenage years. Yes, there are lots of creams and face packs in the market that will help you get rid of them. However, you need to understand that these pimple remedies are only temporary quick fixes. If you want to know how to remove pimples effectively in the most natural way possible, here are some tips that will help you:

Ice cubes

Pimples occur when the oil glands (medically known as sebaceous glands) suffer from a bacterial infection. Redness, swelling, itching, and pain are some of the side effects of these pimples. When a pimple is newly formed, one of the best and natural pimple remedies that you can try is an ice pack. Take some ice cubes and wrap them nicely in a soft towel. Keep the towel over the pimples and hold it for a few seconds. You need to repeat the process as many times as you like in a day to see visible results. This remedy will work only if your pimples are newly formed.

Wear proper makeup and remove them completely

If you are looking at ways of how to clear acne fast, you should stop focussing on pimple creams and face packs. Instead, you should start focussing on your makeup kit. Ensure that you use only those products that are suitable for your skin. Some of us have oily skin, whereas some of us have dry or normal skin. You need to use relevant products so that your skin doesn’t suffer from any inflammation. Removing makeup is as important (if not more) than applying it. Pour a few drops of coconut oil in your palm, rub your hands nicely and apply the oil all over your face for a few minutes, before washing it off at night. Coconut oil is one of the best cleansers in the world.

Egg Whites

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way of how to remove pimples, you can use egg whites. Take the white portion of three eggs separately and whisk them nicely. Apply this mixture on the affected areas on your skin and leave it on for about ten minutes before washing off with a mild soap. You can repeat this process as many times a day as you want, as it is very effective to control inflammation of the pimples and remove them completely.


Yes, you read that right! The simple, white toothpaste that you use every day is an effective ingredient in clearing your pimples as well. Take a small amount of this paste and apply on the pimple affected areas for at least half an hour, before washing off your face with lukewarm water. You will see visible results when you apply toothpaste on your skin and leave it on overnight.

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