Top Tips for Recruiting Nurses

There is a shortage of nurses which is causing massive issues in the healthcare sector.  Getting enough nurses to cover the work needed is becoming increasingly difficult.  The number of registered nurses is set to increase in coming years which should improve this problem, so we have put together a list of tips to make sure you get the right nursing staff for your healthcare organisation.

Use a Healthcare Recruitment Agency

There are some great healthcare specific recruitment agencies out there such as who are able to assist you in getting some of the best nurses there are. They take all of the hassle away from you as they already have a pool of talented people looking for work in your area.  All of the searching, vetting and cross-checking is up to them which will speed up the entire recruitment process for you and give you access to a great group of candidates.

Sponsor an Event

When you sponsor an event, this will give your organisation not only increased visibility, but credibility.  If you sponsor some kind of seminar or conference, the likelihood is that there will be some nurses or other kinds of healthcare professionals in attendance.  This means that you can develop your contact sphere and potentially meet people who could be suitable for any positions you may have.





Create an Employee Referral Scheme

An employee referral scheme is beneficial for both the employer and the employees.  If you are able to let your existing team members know about any openings and job vacancies in your organisation, then they can let their contacts know.  The likelihood is that nurses will know other nurses that they can discuss these opportunities with. This means that your own nursing team can play their own role in bringing in suitable candidates.

Push Career Progression and Development Benefits

When people are looking for a new role, one of the biggest considerations for them is whether or not they can progress within the company.  If you let any prospective candidates know that there will be further assistance with tuition and more professional development available – this can be a great way to attract nurses to your organisation.  As well as this, when you develop your existing staff – it’s a good way to make sure you keep them and reduce staff turnover.

Include a Sign-up Bonus

There are some incentives that healthcare organisations introduce to attract and maintain employees.  A new method has been to introduce a sign-up bonus to nurses who will commit to a certain term and length of employment within an organisation.  This is also a great way to get other employees already in the company interested in pursing a career in nursing.

Nurses are like gold dust these days, so it’s important that you put yourself in prime position to attract the best nursing talent that you can.  By following some of our tips above, you should be able to get some great employees that will stay loyal to your organisation.

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