Things to Know About Dental Crowns and Bridges!

When you miss a tooth or multiple teeth, your dentist is likely to recommend you with a restorative treatment to fill the space created in your teeth. This restorative treatment, bridges the gap left by the missing teeth.

Dental bridges and crowns are the specialised techniques which are followed by the dentist in Parramatta to restore the function of your teeth. They are mainly followed to enhance your smile and afford perfect oral health. Here are some points to know about the dental crowns and bridges!

Dental Crowns- How Do They Work?

Dental crowns are specially designed to protect the tooth experiencing oral issues. The crown enhances the appearance and alignment of the tooth. Porcelain or ceramic crowns can be employed to match the colour of the natural teeth. Other stuffs such as metal alloys and acrylic are also employed, which are usually suggested for the teeth in back row. Some of the merits of fixing dental crowns involve:

  • The cracked or chipped tooth could be restored.
  • Perfectly covers the discoloured tooth.
  • Maintains good oral health and restores your dazzling smile.

What’s The Use Of Dental Bridges?

When you are missing multiple teeth, dental bridges are suggested. The openings left by the missed tooth, cause the neighbouring tooth to shift its position which results in a bad bite. These discrepancies caused by the missing teeth can also lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Parramatta dentist can assist you to choose the best option based on the location of the missed tooth.

Why Do The Teeth Need Dental Crowns?

Heavy Decay:

When a tooth suffers cavity, it destroys the enamel and the core of the tooth which affects the chewing habit. By eliminating the cavity and covering it with a dental crown, one could prevent further decay.

To Eliminate The Problem Of Cracks:

Ignoring minor tooth cracks leads to the loss of the entire tooth. A crown is the only way which keeps the crack from gradually getting worse. Crowns from the Parramatta dental clinic cover the teeth with a dense layer of enamel, which acts as a defensive coating. If the enamel coating is interrupted by a crack, it must be immediately removed and replaced. The crown works as new enamel which protects your teeth.

Know About Dental Bridges:

A dental crown is used to protect the individual tooth while dental bridge replaces multiple missing teeth. A dental bridge that gets cemented to your teeth can’t be detached for cleaning. They function to restore the ability to eat, speak and smile. They also protect the neighbouring teeth from drifting and help to maintain your oral as well as overall health!

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do”- a saying which depicts the importance of a smile. People with a bright smile are naturally attractive and friendly. Unfortunately, the tooth loss could spoil one’s appearance completely. To overcome the dental issues, dentist in Parramatta offers the best therapeutic techniques!

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