Must Ask Questions to Your Surgeon before Opting For Hair Transplant

Hair transplant appears to be a frequent buzzword today.  We have all heard a lot of celebrities extol its virtues and noticed the results together with our own eyes onto the huge screen.  But how great is hair transplant actually?

Today, we can also see increasing numbers of advertisements for hair transplant in Mumbai.  From billboards to newspaper ads, there appears to be a significant increase in cosmetic clinics offering the very best hair transplant in Mumbai.

Before dashing to the nearest cosmetic clinic offering hair transplant in Mumbai it is highly advisable to learn the important aspects of this revolutionary hair restoration approach.  So here’s a look at the basics of hair transplant process, its benefits and a number of the queries that you ought to ask your preferred cosmetic surgeon prior to undergoing hair transplant in Mumbai.

About Hair Transplant

Cosmetic hair transplant in Mumbai mainly revolves around with the FUE/FUT hair transplant procedure.  In this, the cosmetic surgeon removes healthy hair in your head and transplants it onto the balding areas.  This is a totally safe and effective minimally invasive cosmetic process and has little to no side-effects afterwards.

Experienced cosmetic physician from renowned hair restoration practices, which offer the very best hair transplant in Mumbai, can make sure that the method to eliminate your hair follicles (set of 1 to 4 hairs using a frequent origin) is precise and painless.  The ‘donor’ area of your scalp (usually the back of your head) is injected using a sub-dermal aesthetic to numb the area and keep you from feeling pain or discomfort during the cosmetic process.

Advanced, computer-assisted surgical tools are used to extend the very best hair transplant in Mumbai.  These surgical instruments are able to precisely harvest the donor hair follicles out of your head.  After that, a similar tool is used to make microscopic (0.6 mm to 1 mm-wide) incisions at the balding (‘recipient’) website.

The harvested hair follicles are carefully placed in individual receiver holes in the skin of your scalp.  Shortly, natural healing takes over and the incisions shut securely around the roots of the transplanted hair follicles.  As to the donor site, the harvested hair is replaced shortly with your naturally growing hair.  Think of this as planting a tree that is rose.  You simply need to eliminate it when it is small and place it to a pit into another location and shortly it continues growing as normal.

Must ask questions to your Physician before undergoing hair transplant in Mumbai

These are the best 4 concerns that our specialists discovered were commonly asked to alleviate doubts, fears and misconceptions by patients before undergoing cosmetic hair transplant process.

Q 1 — Just How Effective Is Hair Transplant?

A 1 — Hair transplant is easy about relocating your hair from the website with higher density into the ones with reduced density.  This process’s achievement is finally dependent on the quality of your individual hair as well as subsequent to the post-procedural instructions carefully.

Q 2 — Can Hair Transplant Seem Natural?

A 2 — Yes hair transplant demands harvesting your hair, it provides a totally natural appearance from afar.  In addition, professional cosmetic hair transplant surgeons are able to match the transplanted hair follicles pattern flawlessly with your natural hair growth pattern.  This provides a totally natural-looking head-full of hair closer review.

Q 3 — How Long Is Hair Transplant Process?

A 3 — Hair transplant process normally entails harvesting and transplanting (relocating) around 1,500 to 3,000 hair follicles.  This normally takes around 5 — 6 hours.  But this cosmetic process is done on an outpatient basis, according to its simplistic and minimally invasive approach.

Q 4 — Is Hair Transplant Painful?

A 4 — Hair transplant process is done normally after administering local anesthesia into the patient.  This anesthetic functions to purify the scalp area where your hair follicles are to be harvested from (donor site) and relocated to (recipient site).

This makes sure that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort while the minimally invasive cosmetic process is underway.

To make sure that you are fully at ease, and happy with the outcomes of the cosmetic process, always make certain that you ask your doctor these questions.  Don’t hesitate to ask your physician any question on your mind.  It is very important to know all you can about hair transplant prior to making the decision to experience it.


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