The Way to Take Care of Your Long with Unstoppable Monsoon?

If you believe that winter is the only season that you will need to take special care of your hair, then think again.  The fact is that the monsoon season is probably more harmful for your beautiful long locks.  The constant humidity will gradually peel off the outer layer of your hair, leaving it dried and damaged broadly.

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Thanks to the usage of global-standard cosmetic tools, the process for hair transplant in Pune has become more efficient and effective.  Gone are the days when hair transplant was just regarded as affordable by millionaires and film stars in India.  The exceptionally budget-friendly hair transplant today makes it possible for almost everyone to regain their youthful good looks.

But when you have long, beautiful hair, you have to be quite careful about maintaining it, especially when it has to do with the monsoon season.  Just just how to take care of your locks from monsoon?  Our hair care specialists were consulted and these are their specialist tips on taking excellent care of your glossy long hair through the rains.

5 Tips to Avoid Hair Damage in Monsoon

Hint 1 — Attempt to Maintain Hair Dry

It is certainly tempting to believe the cooling rains wet your skin after a long hot summer.  But you have to keep in mind that the initial rains are acidic and generally filthy.  This means damage to your healthy, well-maintained hairless.

Hence, it is ideal to keep your hair dry at all times.  Although it is inevitable in many places in India to avoid getting wet in the rain, you need to remember to wash your hair as soon as possible.  This is the most basic and easy suggestion for your ideal hair care in monsoon.

Hint 2 — Shield Hair with Rainwear

Preventing your hair from getting wet in the rain and being damaged can be effective when you make sure your hair stays dry at all times.  Raincoats and waterproof jackets with hoodies are getting to be increasingly popular today, as compared to the easy umbrella.

Always make sure to carry your rainproof clothes when you measure out of the home.  Otherwise, at least carry an umbrella that can keep your head dry from the rain.

Hint 3 — Shampoo Twice a Week

Hair care specialists recommend using a gentle, deep-cleansing shampoo at the rainy season.  This shampoo is able to eliminate dirty residue left when you get wet in the rain.  Surprisingly, it is in the rains that your hair may appear more watertight than normal.  This is because of under-nourishment of your hair loss.

Employing shampoo twice a week can help prevent bacterial infections or fungal development in growing in your scalp, maintaining your hair safe.  The very best way to shampoo is to start at the root and gradually and shampoo the length of your hair until you reach the tip.

Hint 4 — Contemplate Conditioner More Often

A fantastic quality hair conditioner works wonders in keeping your hair nourished and silky, even at the humid rainy season where moisture levels are large.  Today, there are several different renowned brands that offer such nourishing, and efficient hair conditioners.  These conditioners are able to supply the essential nourishment needed by your hair, especially in the clammy monsoon season.

Experts advise using a wide-toothed comb to spread the conditioner evenly all along your scalp and the length of your hair.  Always use cold water to wash off the conditioner, as it makes your hair shine bright and stay glossy for more.

Hint 5 — Use Oil Well

There is hardly anything as nourishing and healthy to your hair than a fantastic oil massage.  Champi, the traditional Indian head massage using oil, is an superb way to improve the moisture level in your hair.  This leads to enhancing the requirements of damaged and dry strands of hair follicles.  Not only this, oil massage of your head is also excellent way to offer deep conditioning to your hair.

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