Moving Mom Into a “Home” May Be Your Best Caregiving Decision

Finding the best care for Mom can sometimes be difficult. She wants to hold on to her independence and you want her to have the best care possible. And, for what it’s worth, you wish that she didn’t have trouble preparing her meals or taking care of the house. You want her to have that independence, while also still being safe and secure in her home. It might be time to find a new home for Mom, and an assisted living community might be the best of both worlds.

Retirement Communities: A Viable Option— for Both of You

Mom doesn’t have to give up her independence in order to be safe and receive the care that she needs. Moving Mom into an assisted living home could open up more opportunities for her to exercise her independence and make new friends along the way. Choosing the right community requires excellent judgment on your part, and we are here to help you in your journey to finding the right home.Image result for Moving Mom Into a “Home” May Be Your Best Caregiving Decision

Just Like Home, Only Better

Not every assisted living community is the same. Each one has their own unique setup and their own policies. We both know that Mom will still want to be independent as well as have her own private space within which to live and work on hobbies and other activities. Here are three things to look for in a new assisted living community:

1. Check Out The Set-Up of Rooms

Some communities have apartment-style rooms, while others have shared hospital-esque rooms. In an apartment style complex, Mom can still have her independence and privacy just like at home, though it may take some time before she feels comfortable. That is normal and expected, and while Mom may at first be resistant to moving, make sure she knows she will still have all of the independence she has at home, she’ll just have access to the care that she needs.

2. Look For a Regular Schedule of Community Events

The right retirement home provides plenty of opportunities for recreation and activities— both onsite and off. Not only do these types of activities keep your mom’s brain sharp, they help her find new friends which can stave off loneliness. Just make sure that events aren’t mandatory— the ability to set her own schedule is an important part of what helps mom feel more independent.

It isn’t just about independence and privacy. Some communities offer events that the residents can elect to participate in, and some of them are on campus while others are off campus. Look for a community that has a regular schedule of events. Being able to get away and make new friends can make all of the difference between feeling alone and stuck to feeling independent and sociable.

3. Find Out If Meals Are Provided and Check Out The Dining Facilities

Nutrition is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle that it makes sense to make sure Mom is getting nutritious, fresh meals every day. Mealtimes are also important for socialization and maintaining friendships that last.

Finding the right assisted living community can be a great challenge. If you’re looking for assisted living in Birmingham, look no further than Cottages assisted living homes.

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