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Mocktails are beverages which are non-alcoholic in nature. These drinks are a mixture of various things and they are quite favourite among people of different ages. Although they have certain ethical issues, still their popularity is always on the rise.

            The list of 5 best Mocktails is:

  • Classic Shirley TempleThis is a mocktail which can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. A cup of lime, 1 tsp orange juice, 2 tsp of grenadine and a slice of orange are required for making this drink.
  •   Mojito – This is one of the all-time favorite mocktails of one and all. The components of this drink are 8-10 mint leaves which are crushed in 1/3 glassful of ice, 2 spoons of sugar syrup and other things.

The three other best mocktails are Non Alcoholic Fizz, Virgin Mary and Virgin Sangria.

Mocktails are very important drinks because of the fact that they are great to taste but still they are non-alcoholic in nature. Thus they are safe for consumption for the kids as well, and this makes mocktails a general drink which can be enjoyed by one and all.

One of the important uses of white cranberry juice is that it is utilized for making great mocktails. Mocktails are excellent drinks and it is good for health as well as it does not have the negative features of alcohol like addiction and damage to health. Health is one of the most important issues which must be kept in mind by any drinker. The health conscious drinker will always choose mocktail, rather than any other alcoholic drink.

 Indian summer is the time when drinks of all kinds become very popular in the whole country and this is one of the best times to enjoy mocktails. They are easily available in good restaurants and it is not very hard on the wallet as well. Mocktails can be prepared at home as well and that will make it enjoying this drink a much more pleasant experience. If you have not tried out a mocktail yet, just get the ingredients and make one at home right now!




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