When Health Scares Require Professional Help

When we think of lawyers, we most often think about criminal lawyers representing what many would call the underbelly of society. However, there are many instances in which anyone might need a lawyer. In fact, it’s probable that every one of us will need to hire a lawyer at least once in our lifetime. For many people, there will be several times when hiring a lawyer is necessary. Quite often your health can be jeopardized leaving you with a new need for legal counsel.

Car Accidents

A minor fender bender may not result in legal actions and insurance will typically cover the damages. However, a more serious accident can result in a lawsuit, requiring the services of a personal injury lawyer. Whether you’re the injured party or the defendant, you will need an experienced litigator to represent you in court and at mediations. The good news is you can find an auto accident lawyer in your area since just about every city has at least one firm specializing in this type of law.


Filing for divorce is just one thing no one should try to handle without a legal advocate. The division of property and the battle over the custody of minor children can become complex and embittered issues, so it’s important to retain a lawyer experienced in family law. Quite often the shock, stress, and trauma from a marriage coming to an end can cause people’s blood pressure to rise, diet to suffer, and quality of health to decrease. Sure, a lawyer won’t be there to give you a vitamin every morning but maintaining control of your divorce and life can really ease the stress.

DUI Offenses And Intoxicated Accidents

Most criminal defense lawyers also handle driving while intoxicated/driving under the influence cases, as there are hundreds of thousands of such events occurring each year in the United States alone. Everyone makes mistakes, but a good lawyer can help you limit the consequences of your actions and the medical bills of yourself and others you may be initially responsible for. Causing harm to yourself and others is never okay and never encouraged, but having someone in your corner protecting you from medical bills and settlements can go a really long way.

Wills and Probate

Even if you have gone your entire life without ever needing the assistance of an attorney, almost everyone needs legal help in setting up their last wishes. Just deciding between a will or a trust, or opting for both, can require the input and expertise of a skilled estate lawyer. These types of attorneys can help you set up a financial power of attorney, someone responsible for overseeing your finances in the event you’re unable to act on your own behalf. Similarly, you may also want to designate a medical power of attorney, an individual responsible for making decisions related to your medical care in the event you cannot make your own wishes known.

Lawyers are quite often the end of jokes or recipients of stares and bad reputations but what would society be without them? It is often unfair to judge legal aid before you need it because often when tasked with manuvering the complex legal system of the United States we would all be completely lost without professional help.


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