Healing Tips after Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney

The wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is a major surgical procedure. Having a wisdom teeth removal surgery doesn’t give a 100% successful result, to make it as century, post-operative care is important. Following the tips which are mentioned in this blog will help you to get rid of the unnecessary pain and the complications of infection and swelling.

Things That You Have To Do Immediately After the Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

  • Don’t disturb the surgical part by rinsing the mouth. This may cause blood clot and affect the surgery.
  • Have your given pain medicines on time and avoid feeling discomfort.
  • Limit your actions on the day of surgery.
  • Place the ice cubes to your face wherever your surgery was done, to avoid swelling.

Here are some tips to that you have to follow after your wisdom teeth removed and take care of yourself after your surgery

To Stop Bleeding

First stage: Rinse or wipe your mouth with a cloth, and then place some gauzes over the place of surgery and bite for 30 minutes. The pressure from the gauze to the surgery area will stop the bleeding.

Second stage: If bleeding remains, bite on a moisturized tea bag for 30 minutes. These tea bags will form a clot by shrinking bleeding vessels and stop bleeding.

Final Stage: Still if the bleeding does exist after tying these, contact your dentist specialized in wisdom teeth in Sydney for further instructions.

To Avoid Swelling & Paining

Swelling and paining around your mouth is common after your wisdom teeth removed, but it’s uncommon after 1-2 days after the surgery.  This can be reduced by placing ice packs on the place where surgery was performed and take the prescribed pain medication tablets.

Also avoid driving and alcoholic beverages as this may increase the chance of pain and swelling.

Keep the Mouth Clean and Follow Your Diet

It’s important to follow the diet and keep your mouth clean to heal your wound faster. Prefer to eat some soft foods and avoid using straw while drinking.

Calorie and protein plays an important role in healing process, so have the foods which are filled with calorie and protein. Also limit your food on the day surgery and drink at least 5-6 glasses of fluid.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth and rinse gently. After eating and drinking something, don’t forget to colorant your mouth with warm salt water. This will keep your mouth clean and heal your wound faster.


If complications develop, don’t delay! Contact your dentist to get emergency dental care. Even though some people suggest that wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is expensive, it is indeed a good investment, with its results lasting several years.

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