Getting Negative Drug Test Result With Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine, or popularly known as fake pee, is a liquid capable of mimicking both the visual and chemical properties of genuine human urine. It is also often used as a viable solution to pass urine analysis that is the most common type of a drug test.

  • Who uses synthetic urine and for what purpose

The popularity of synthetic urine is rapidly growing all around the world, especially among the workers (drug users in particular) who try to cheat employee drug tests. Yet, passing this analysis by means of a laboratory urine could be a risky job. The success of this method is often uncertain and even the smallest mistake can make you fail the test. That’s why the majority of people use different special tools along with fake pee, such as temperature strips, bladder belts, and tubes. Those tools significantly increase their chances of avoiding detection.

Apart from drug tests, synthetic urine is also used for kinky sex, pranks, fetish games, and as an animal repellent.

  • How does it work?

As mentioned above, the synthetic urine has chemical properties that are almost identical to the real urine. It contains creatinine, uric acid, nitrates, and other elements typical for the human urine. Besides, fake pee has specially-balanced pH that matches the real one. It can be anything between 4.6 and 8. Thanks to these properties, fake urine can help drug users pass drug tests when they are subjected to employee screening examinations. The correct use and quality of the product are the keys to successful cheating on a urine analysis.

  • The most popular synthetic urines on the market

There is a wide range of synthetic urines on the market to choose from. However, they don’t have the same effect and features. Thus, fake pees distinguish by ingredients, color, quality, price, and so on. Likewise, they come in different forms – either as a dried powder or a premixed solution. Those products are available at many marijuana dispensaries and tobacco shops. You can also order them online.

According to the user reviews, the following 7 commercial synthetic urines are considered to be the most effective when it comes to the drug tests:

  • Sub-Solution
  • X-Stream
  • Quick Fix
  • Upass
  • Magnum
  • Ultra Pure (also known as Ultra Klean)
  • Agent X

  • How to utilize fake urine to pass a drug test?

The use of synthetic urine is quite simple. All you need to do is to purchase a fake urine kit and pour the liquid into the sample jar or cup. This way, you are very likely to cheat the tester if you follow the protocol and do not raise any suspicion during testing.

Here’s how it works step by step:

  • First, you need to buy a synthetic urine.
  • Warm the fake pee up by using a heating pad or microwave, if it comes in a liquid form.
  • Dilute the product with the recommended amount of water if it comes in a powder form. In most cases, the packet includes a heating agent.
  • Then pour the synthetic urea into the sample cup.
  • Finally, deliver it to the lab or tester.

Make sure to purchase a synthetic urine kit that involves a prosthetic device or a belt, which imitates a male or female organ, in case the test will be carried out with a supervisor. Just follow these instructions and you’ll get negative drug test result!

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