Get justice for your suffering – Retain a brain injury attorney

The brain is the most valuable organ of the human body and any damage to it can be a serious problem. Brain injuries can be a devastating experience, both for the victim and their family. Medically they are terms as intracranial injuries and attributed to brain damage caused by physical trauma. Accidents like getting a forceful hit on the head by an object or something piercing the skull and causing major brain damage.

A majority of brain injury cases arise from road accidents and can take varied forms. Based on the severity of damage, a brain injury can affect a person’s physical and mental health – thus altering their cognitive and emotional abilities.


However, the symptoms of brain injury may or may not be evident instantaneously and can go undiagnosed. For victims who have suffered brain injury because of someone else’s actions, one can consult a Portland brain injury attorney attorney to exercise their legal rights and pursue compensation.

The common symptoms to look for, especially if you have faced an accident and have suffered an impact on your head.

  1.   Confusion
  2.   Blurred vision
  3.   Headaches
  4.   Short term memory loss
  5.   Dizziness
  6.   Behavioural change,
  7.   Loss of sleep, etc.

Causes of misdiagnoses

The brain being a complex organ with many undiscovered secrets about it, some things can go misdiagnosed. There are numerous misconceptions about brain injury that lead to such misdiagnoses and leave the underlying undiscovered.

  1.   Negative MRI means no injuries

Even with the advanced technology that we have today, microscopic lesions and deformities can be missed on an MRI. And since, the symptoms may not be prominent in the beginning, it isn’t uncommon for a patient with brain damage to have a negative MRI.

  1.   External indicators of brain injury are a must

Often people are under the perception that to have a brain injury, one must get hit on the head and have a bruise indicating the same, or loss of consciousness. However, sometimes, the injuries can be internal and can be caused due to a jerk experienced by the head.

  1.   Symptoms are not of serious multitude

The symptoms of a brain injury are often confused with a person’s natural response to an accident. Common symptoms like changed behaviour and inability to concentrate can often be confusing. Therefore, it is crucial that the victim is closely monitored for any change or prolongation of symptoms.

Time to get justice

Having a friend or family member suffering from a brain injury and its devastating outcomes can be tragic and can leave a significant impact on a family’s emotional and financial state. Though the suffering can never be fully compensated, one can excuse their legal right and make the wrongdoer face consequences of their actions. As part of the compensation, one can receive various benefits like

  1.   Medical expenses
  2.   Lost wages compensation
  3.   In-house care costs, etc.

Fighting such cases can be a difficult task, taking into account the emotional state, complexity of the issue and countering the clever insurance guys. However, with an experienced and dedicated attorney, you could hope for a fair trial. Retain a Portland brain injury attorney and get what you deserve for the suffering.


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