Enemies of The Gym

It used to be the case that we went to the gym to escape the World and the annoying people within it. Now however, with the prevalence of gym day passes and flexible gym memberships, those same people seem to have followed us there. There are some people who, just by being present and with their bad habits, have become enemies of the gym. These are the people who get in the way of our exercise routines and disrupt our daily workouts. Read on and see just who is spoiling the gym for everyone else, and if you think you might fit into one of the categories, then make sure you make an effort to change before it’s too late…


Hang on, people who squat are great, right? Wrong! We’re talking about the people who move into an area or onto a piece of equipment and never move! They often give themselves away by having a big bag, full of stuff to make their stay a long one. Think, you are there to train, so get your reps done and move on and allow the next person to do the same. You do not have the right to stay forever, just to undertake your workout, and move on to the next station.

Smelly Joe

Gyms have a smell, we all know that. When we work out hard, we will sweat, but that doesn’t mean that we have to smell does it? If you have clean kit on every time you visit, then there will not be a problem. If used more than once, kit can start to smell, and you’ll find yourself training alone, with a “no go” area widening around you.


You do realise that you can only use one set of dumbbells at a time right? You are not an octopus, and so you do not need 4 sets sitting around waiting to be used, and not being able to be used by anyone else. Remember, you gym day pass is one of many being used, and does not give you any extra claim to the dumbbells over anybody else.

Naked Changing Rooms

Yes you have to get showered and are ready to change, but why make others feel a little inhibited by strutting around with it all hanging out and without a care in the world. Would you carry on if you knew it was making others feel awkward?


People like circuits, but remember you can only use one station at a time, so do not lay claim to more than one. Do not be the person who lays belongings around the gym, as if marking their territory. Work your station, and move on.

All Show And No Go

Are you someone who loads up the machines, takes an hour to get everything ready, and then does one rep? Here’s a little advice, don’t!

Habit Forming

You have a routine and must stick to it, hovering around “your” piece of equipment until it is free and then staying on it until you’re happy you’re done. But remember, none of the equipment is actually yours, your gym day pass allows you entry not ownership!


You sweat, great, but when you move on to the next station, do not leave it as a mark of your effort, clean it up.

Mobile Madness

Are you taking selfies rather than squatting (the good squatting), or are you updating your status rather than actually working out – remember you go to the gym to train, not to be seen and not to tell others you go!

Other Enemies

Aside from the above, try not to be any of the following also:-

Exuberant Cross Fit – remember your personal space, and the personal space of others too.

Zombies – look around, be aware, stop staring at your phone, and perhaps even try putting it away.

Gang – are you part of the pack that train together, well you are the people who block an area or machine out of use for up to an hour, so train in pairs or less.

Want to be Personal Trainer – most people who do not ask for advice probably do not want any. So do your own workout and nobody else’s.

Awkward – Gyms are not meeting places for individuals, and again go there to train rather than increase your social circle.

If you do use a flexible gym membership or gym day pass, next time you are at the gym, then take a look around and see which of the above “types” you can identify. Here’s hoping that at no point do you look into the gym mirror and see one looking right back at you.

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