Some Easy Ways You Can Protect Your Body from Overexposure to EMFs

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are everywhere around us, and although naturally produced, we now have certain advancements in technology that contribute to too much exposure to electromagnetic fields – not just in our office environments, but even in our home environments. And while no one can deny that technology such as cell phones, WiFi, microwave ovens, and the like are beneficial, they may have some adverse effects on our bodies as well. More people are becoming concerned about what overexposure to EMFs can do to their bodies, and while many scientists are still conducting research about the real biological effects of constant or continuous EMF exposure, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you are concerned about the effects of overexposure to EMFs, here’s a list of easy ways you can protect your body.

In your office

You should avoid working straight on a laptop. Instead, plug in a keyboard for the laptop as well as a mouse, so you don’t have to work directly on it (this is particularly important if you are going to work for an extended period). Most of all, don’t place your laptop straight onto your lap – particularly when you are charging it. There are many laptops which produce a high level of EMFs, most notably when plugged into a socket.

If you are planning to replace or update your current computer monitor, try to go for one with an LCD or liquid crystal display. LCDs don’t emit as much radiation compared to old-style CRT computer monitors. The same is true if you are replacing your television at home – go for an LCD TV.

It may also be a good idea if you regularly clean the power cords, cables, and transformers for your desktop computer. You should also reroute these cords and cables away from your seat and your feet.

In your home

If you can, try not to install a WiFi system in your place of residence. A wireless router can emit a high level of electromagnetic radiation, and this can spread around your home based on the strength of your WiFi network. Also, if you are planning to purchase a cordless phone, avoid buying one which makes use of a DECT system or technology. The base of such a cordless phone continuously transmits strong radiofrequency signals, even if you’re not using the phone. If you have such a cordless telephone, try to keep it off as often as you can. On another note, many baby monitors also use DECT systems or technology, so if you’re purchasing a baby monitor, contact the manufacturer to find out if they use this technology for their products.

Make any calls as short as possible if you have to talk on a cell phone or cordless phone. Additionally, if you have children below 14 years old, limit their time on cell phones or cordless phones as well.

All homes use electricity and electrical appliances, but whenever you can, unplug your home’s appliances if you aren’t using them. Even devices such as clock radios and lamps emit EMFs, so try to keep your bedroom a haven. You can also replace your clock radio with one that operates on batteries.

You also have the option to purchase EMF protection products such as shields, pendants and jewellery, and more. These products can protect you from overexposure to EMFs and lead to better sleep, less stress, and a higher balance of energy as well.

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