Dental implants 101 – Everything You Need to Know about It

If you lost your teeth due to an accident, ageing process or tooth decay, contact your nearby dentist as soon as possible. Tooth loss might adversely impact the remaining teeth and spoil your oral health. In the old days, the main dental treatments for such problems were dental bridges and crowns. However, in today’s modern dentistry, dental implants in Sydney offer patients a modern, cost effective and long lasting solution. Here in this blog, you can find useful information about dental implants in Sydney.

Dental implants – An Overview

The dental implant is the surgical component used to replace missing, damaged or decayed tooth, which will act as a root of your tooth. It’s a more reliable solution than getting crown and bridge. The main goal of the treatment is to create a good appearance of the face and to feel like a natural tooth.

How Can You Get The Treatment?

  • First you need to do more research and find a dentist who is experienced and specializes in teeth implants in Sydney.
  • On your appointment date, with the help of an x-ray, the dentist will check how deep the problems are.
  • If the gum disease is identified during this stage, they will solve it before proceeding.
  • After that, the clinical analysis will be carried out and the treatment will begin.

These processes will ensure the treatment will be done in a successful way.

Procedure of the Dental Implant

  1. Depending on the case and the number of implants, the treatment time will be vary, but normally the procedure of dental implant takes from one to two hours.
  2. The local anaesthesia is used around the gum where the implant has to be placed. This will be used to ensure the patients wouldn’t feel the pain during the surgery.
  3. After the dental implant is placed, it takes 8 to 12 weeks to integrate with your jawbone, during which, there will be some initial discomfort.
  4. Do visit your dentist regularly to check the implanted tooth, were the tooth are properly integrated with your jawbone. After integration process, he/she will take the measurement of the implanted teeth, for the creation of the bridge or crown to place over the implant.

The Cost of Dental Implants in Sydney:

While the cost of dental implant might seem expensive than one would expect, the result of the Sydney dental implants will surely be a worthy investment.

Actually the cost of dental implants will be depend on the dentist you select, so do more research and choose the best one who have good experience in that field. Such dentist will understand their patients and bring in more offers &discounts, and accepts health insurance plans.

If you’re looking for a permanent solution for your dental problems at affordable cost, then there is no better choice than Tooth Implant Sydney. Call or book an appointment now!


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