What Are Dental Caries and How Your Children Can Prevent Them

Dental caries, more popularly known as tooth decay, is extremely common among children because their teeth are still very sensitive to bacteria, making them more vulnerable to decay. Of course, tooth decay can be prevented if attended to at an early time. Aside from brushing the teeth and flossing, there are a lot of other effective things that can be done in order to prevent tooth decay.


Here are some of the recommendations from U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a panel of experts about preventive medicine.


The US Preventive Services Task Force’s Recommendation


One of the main things that the US Preventive Service Task Force (USPSTF) recommends is the use of oral fluoride supplements to children who are 6 months old and to those who have a fluoride deficiency. Fluoride can help in strengthening the teeth, and its supplements usually include tablets or lozenges. This option is also ideal for communities who do not have fluoridated water.


Another recommendation that the USPSTF has stated in their report is putting fluoride varnish on the children’s teeth. This is a good practice that should be done to all young children. It will help prevent tooth decay in children when they grow up as well.


USPSTF has put much emphasis on the importance of fluoride as fluoride deficiency is seen to be one of the main causes of tooth decay in children. Of course, the recommended procedures should be done together with the routinary screening of teeth in infant dental clinics like


On Primary Dental  Screening and the Important of Dental Health


While the US Preventive Service Task Force does not have enough current evidence to determine the benefits and the harms of regular screening of tooth decays for children of age 5, it is still very much included in their report as a part of their recommendation. It is really important to get the best dental care through test screening and other sort of medication and supplementation in order to maintain good dental care. However, it is also important to get only the medications and tests that are needed. Those who get the ones that aren’t even needed will receive more harm than good.


The recommendations of the US Preventive Task Force not only teaches maintenance through homemade supplementation and medication but also through dental screening. Learn about the different kinds of medications and tests in order for you to identify exactly what your child needs and doesn’t need. However, remember that you can’t make your own diagnosis. Always ask for professional advice from your trusted dental clinic.




In a nutshell, the report covers the importance of extra fluoride supplementation and medication as well as dental screen testing and dental healthcare. One can get good screen testing and also medication in reliable dental service providers. Professional centers that specialize in infant dental health is highly recommended as they will be able to address your child’s dental needs better.

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