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Published On October 20, 2017 | By Michele Magnus | Health

Nature amazes us with new forces each day. The huge variety of plants and fruits produced by nature is incomparable and there lies a new addition to it each time with so amazing properties and utilities that humankind will forever be thankful. With the revelation of Kratom, there has been a huge help to the scientists as well as the people suffering from anxiety as the plant makes a headline everywhere today. Somewhat similar to the coffee plants and almost growing between them, this little plant has some similar properties but a lot of amazing ones which calls for attention!

What is Kratom?

MitragynaSpeciosa or the commonly named plant called Kratom is interestingly a part of Rubiaceae family (the coffee family) and has many similar properties as that of Coffee. But What segregates it from the other is its anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties. Grown mostly in the tropical areas of Southern Asia like the Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, the plant is known to be of medicinal importance for treating a lot of diseases like opiate dependence, addiction etc. being a stimulator of good hormones and treating the depression, it can easily be said that this plant is the herbal avatar for medicines which treat anxiety and depression.

The structure of the Kratom Plant

A typical Kratom plant is grown in the tropical regions primarily the Southern Asia and is known to possess alkaloid content. Its height can grow for as long as 30 feet tall and is wide with about 15 feet of spread. The tree is known to adoptive to tropical and sub-tropical climates only. It is the leaves of the plant which has been found as the most important part for medicinal use and is about 7 inches long and 4 to 5 inches wide.

Chemical properties or composition

Some of the most influential chemicals found in the Kratom leaves are:

  • Mitragynine: Anti-malarial, painkiller, adrenergic
  • Epicatechin: antibacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Isopteropodine, Isomitraphylline, isorhynchophylline: Stimulates immune system
  • 7-hydroxymiotragynine: painkiller, anti-malarial

Effects of Kratom on humans

Kratom is highly known for its pain-killing properties causing it for being of great significance to the medicinal researchers. The leaves of the plant have known to be of properties which have an impact of relieving mood, causing happiness and improving energy in humans which have worked into making it one of the most wanted herbs in the medicinal research today. Scientists are repeatedly trying to find the effects of it and the potential harmfulness too to include the properties into the creation of medicines which shall help cure depression, anxiety etc. Like coffee, the Kratom components have euphoric effects on human just a bit more unleashing giving the person easy feeling, light thoughts and much-needed break from thinking too much!

Legal grant to growth of Kratom

As the plant is loaded with properties which work in elevating mood, behavior and stress quotient of people the demand is on a rise and thus the countries have banned the production of it on a commercial basis. Thailand has banned the use of the plant while other countries are still pending regulation of such terms.


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