Allergy Tests: Here’s Why You Should Note Think Twice Getting Them Done

Do you come from a family who suffers from various allergies? Have you ever been forbidden to eat certain food items because your mother swore you were allergic to them as a child? If you feel vulnerable because of your family’s history of allergies, or you feel like you lifestyle choices are restricted because of unfounded allergy fears, you might want to have allergy tests done. Now, these kits can be easily available in drug stores but if you want accurate, reliable results, it is always better to have your allergy testing done by either a general practitioner or a physician who specializes in allergies and the immune system.

It can save your life

While some of them might be expensive, most professionally-done allergy tests are affordable enough. You might want to choose skin tests over blood tests if you are running on a budget, or if you feel like your insurance will not cover your tests. The allergy testing may take up your time and could cost some money but in the end, it is useful because it can save your life.

Imagine being the first in your family to be allergic to peanuts. Peanut allergy is usually lethal because the reaction can be severe. A simple allergy test can confirm if you are indeed allergic to peanuts, or if your body can tolerate this food. This way, you won’t have to spend your whole life dodging peanuts.

It can help you spend less.

Mark, who is 30, has been investing most of his earnings on food items that are non-dairy, gluten-free, and free from honey. This was because he has a mild reaction to these food items when he was a year old. This also means that he has been spending more money and restricting his diet to food items that do not contain gluten, milk, or honey. However, most babies are able to outgrow allergies to food items as they grow older. They manage to build up stronger immune systems. Mark finally had himself tested after 29 years of living in fear. It turns out he still is allergic to honey but he can tolerate food with milk now. He loves the taste of milk and could not believe he missed out on a food item just because he did not have allergy tests done sooner. For years he spent money on calcium supplements for a mineral he could have easily induced at a much lower price.

It is relatively painless

The most pain you can get from skin tests and blood tests is a tiny prick of the needle. For the skin patch test, you will only feel itchiness or discomfort if you do test positive for an allergy to a specific allergen. There are over-the-counter topical medicines to help you with this. The point is, aside from the possible cost of allergy tests, there is no reason for you not to have it done by a physician especially if you have been living in fear just because of an allergic reaction you had when you were very young.

On the other hand, allergy testing can also save your life if you are unsure that you have inherited a specific allergy and you are just unsure of it because you have been avoiding the allergen all your life. If you are allergic to shrimps, for example, it is better to find that out at a clinic, under the care of a medical professional, rather than finding out by having an allergic reaction at a random restaurant.

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