4 Advantages of Going Solo on a Wellness Retreat

Published On July 6, 2017 | By Janel Turner | Health

In today’s world we are all placed under greater number of stresses than ever before, and on top of that many of us feel like we’re constantly being pulled in every direction. For the vast majority of us, there’s not much we can do to remove these stimuli from our lives but there are choices we can make to minimize stress and the extent to which we allow it to wreak havoc in our lives.attorney

Trying a wellness retreat experience is one such option, and in fact they’re highly recommended as a way to get back to a healthy way of thinking about the world and your place / role in it. However, we recommend going to these wellness retreats on your own and without a designated companion. That may seem like an odd suggestion, but let us explain 5 reasons why.

  • Solitude is More Conducive to Self Care

It may be difficult to comprehend, but individuals who have done this report that being completely away from a partner, friend, or acquaintance of any sort forces you to address your own needs and actually dial into the self-focus that comes from being alone with strangers. As you become more aware of the situational benefits that accompany this type of isolation, you actually come to really embrace and protect the integrity of your condition in that way.

Bottom line – you’re much more likely to learn about yourself much more extensively. Try it, as those who have worked on their self-care more pronouncedly are often better equipped to handle everyday stresses afterwards.

  • Being Alone Leads to More Genuine Gratitude

Spending time away from your family, friends and even significant other, life partner or boyfriend or girlfriend will make you appreciate them and their roles in your life more. It’s quite natural to equate being with people as a meaningful way of spending time, but the time you spend with yourself should actually be given nearly as much value. Studies show that solitude can help you think more deeply and improve your concentration and productivity.

We imagine no one needs to be convinced of the benefit of that!

  • A Slowdown Can Actually Make You More Productive

This has to do explicitly with the fact that our minds – and this applies to ALL of us – are designed to focus on just one thing at a time. When are you ever doing that? But you should, and in particular any time an opportunity to do so presents itself. By being on your own at the retreat, you’ll be able to be much more firm with yourself in overruling any of the many inclinations you’ll have to ‘multi-task’ or devote your mental energies towards anything other than the ‘task’ (existential, ideally) at hand.

  • Removing Comparison / Competition and Achieving PERSONALLY

Again, the effect may be very subconscious, but if you’re not on your own you will very inherently be in comparison –and perhaps even competition – with anyone with whom you can qualitatively compare yourself to. And of course that will include anyone who’s an acquaintance of any sort. By going through the evaluative and corrective processes that you’ll be fostered to create for yourself and doing it alone, you’ll be in a much better position to be honest with yourself.

The last thing we’ll add in this brief communication is to say that just make sure you do go through any wellness pursuit you undertake with entire thoroughness, and that’s whether you do so on your own or not.

Author Bio: Anna Kazmeier is a freelance writer specializing in holistic personal health and wellness approaches that she believes anyone – even the most non-aware individuals – can incorporate into their busy lives for better satisfaction and feelings of positivity. Her work has been published at YesWellness as well as at other health and wellness sites in both Canada and the United States. She enjoys sharing what she knows and believes in wholeheartedly.

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