Proper Posture Can Make You Feel Happier and More Confident

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The benefits of proper posture go beyond less back pain and decreased stress on joints. Research suggests that it also has a powerful effect on moods, making you feel more self-assured and happier. In fact, maintaining a better posture is associated with reinforced confidence, which can positively affect how you think of yourself.

Proper posture when sitting means keeping your back straight with your feet flat on the ground. Correct posture when standing also means keeping the back straight, with your head facing forward and weight equally balanced between both feet. Awareness of your posture, as well as the correct posture often results in conscious correction, which can help you reap all associated benefits.

Read on and learn why the right posture results in elevated mood and enhanced confidence.

  • Relieve Anxiety with Enhanced Breathing

Apart from preventing injuries and pain, proper posture can also open your airways and improve circulation, which helps melt pressure and anxiety away. This also enhances your breathing, allowing you to take in more oxygen, which then improves your cognition. A slouched position, on the other hand, does not make full use of the capacity of your lungs because it increases chest compression.

  • Avoid Afternoon Slump with Boosted Energy

Studies suggest that taking a little effort to improve your posture can help you avoid an afternoon slump at work. The right sitting posture may boost your energy and stamina at the time you need it the most. The best part is, sitting and standing straight can also amend low energy and feelings of depression that are associated with poor posture.

  • Increase Productivity with Better Mood

Sitting straight also gives you more energy, while increasing the likelihood of positive thinking. So the next time you feel bad about something, sit up straight. This will change your mood and help you concentrate more on work. You can also use correct posture to your advantage, especially with boring projects and difficult tasks. Standing as tall as possible signals your brain that you’re ready to get things done.

  • Appear Self-Assured with Being in Control

When you stand or sit up straight, your brain gets a message that you are in control of your thoughts and actions. This then helps you make more confident choices. Posture, furthermore, affects how you think of yourself and how others perceive you. If you, for instance, slouch during an interview, the interviewer will see you as less confident. If however, you have good posture, you are likely to look better and receive compliments from other people.

Improve You Posture and Get Expert Help

Check your posture and see if your shoulders are rounded forward. If you are in a slouching position, you hurt not just your back and bones, but also your brain. Bad posture puts extra strain on postural muscles and affects your thinking, and can make you focus more on negative thoughts. If you are worrying about your posture or are experiencing back and joint pains, it is best to see a chiropractor. They will be able to assist you with proper posture, as well as recommend exercises that can strengthen postural muscles.

Long-standing posture problems, of course, will take longer to correct than momentary ones. This is because the joints have adapted well to poor positioning. With the help of a chiropractor, as well as conscious awareness of your own posture and the right posture, you can gradually alter your old posture. This will help you have a healthy body position, reduce the risks of injury, and feel better in general.

Adaptive Chiropractic offers holistic care practices in Melbourne that can help you reach optimal health. We provide chiropractic solutions to correct rounded shoulders and bad posture. We also implement an ongoing management plan that you can continue at home to maintain proper posture for a long period. For more information about posture correction, call us on 03 9445 8975.

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