10 Anti-Aging Secrets from Your Favorite Celebs

woman applying anti aging cream ointments

What’s the secret behind Hollywood’s best-aging celebrities? You’re about to find out! From lifestyle to glowing celebrity skin, here are the 10 best-kept beauty secrets of Hollywood’s favorite stars.

Wine only gets better with age. Humans? Not so much.

There are very few people who get better with age, but those who do age well have done their work and research. Many celebrities have been let in on anti-aging secrets by their glamour team.

woman applying anti aging cream ointments

Luckily for you, a few of them have let us in on the secrets too. While genetics play a large role, there are still a few things one can do to look timeless for decades to come.

Make sure you keep reading to learn a few tips and tricks. We have 10 anti-aging secrets you won’t want to miss.

1. Lather Up

Even if you aren’t spending a day on the beach or frolicking in the sun, putting on sunscreen as part of your morning routine is key. Invest in a face and body sunscreen, at least SPF 30.

Make sure you are using different sunscreens for face and body. A lot of the body sunscreens are way too oily to put on the face and can clog your pores. Make sure you read labels.

When we say sunscreen, we don’t mean tanning oil. Don’t bake your skin through the day.

Even though you aren’t planning to bask in the sun every day, sunscreen is good because it protects you from the UV rays you experience just even walking to grab lunch on break.

2. Give Your Face a Break

Many people love a full face of makeup. There’s nothing wrong with this, but sometimes your face needs a break from it all. Not wearing and wiping off makeup isn’t just a celebrity skin care secret, anyone can do it.

If you plan on just running errands or cleaning up the house, skip the makeup. This also allows you to sip on coffee longer or sleep in a little later.

Not only does it keep your skin from becoming clogged and irritated, skipping out on makeup sometimes also helps you become comfortable with your natural beauty.

3. Add Some Green

We all love a good junk food. But too much junk food can hurt your skin.

If you love carbs but want to add some veggies to benefit your skin, make some avocado toast. You can make it fancy with some garlic powder or chili powder. Or you can just put the avocado on your skin, that works too.

Cucumbers are also another green food that help your skin from the inside or outside. They are refreshing and help with inflammation.

4. Catch Some Zzzzzz

Not only is sleep good for general health and coping with anxiety, it helps your skin to always look fresh.

The glowing look after a night of sleep comes from blood flow to your skin. Losing sleep is losing a little blood supply to your birthday suit.

It also helps take care of stress, and we all know how much damage a ton of stress can have on the outer body. Put down the phone, after reading this article, and make sure you’re asleep on time tonight.

5. Moisturize Your Problems Away

Moisturize is a timeless celebrity skincare secret. Tried and true.

You can pick up a moisturizer at your local drugstore, but it is one thing that is worth investing a decent chunk of money into. It’ll keep your skin looking radiant and fresh without being too oily and gross.

Luckily, moisturizers are very customizable for all the hundreds of skin types out there. Whether you have naturally dry or oily skin, with a little research, you can find the right one for you.

If you want to be the maker of your own tools, there are tons of DIY moisturizer recipes out there. Make sure you know what skin type they cater to, and you can even add your favorite essential oils to the mix.

6. Bang Bang

One of the fun things about this is you don’t even have to do anything to your skin to make it look younger. Sometimes, the secret is in the hair.

By adding bangs to your look, it can cover forehead wrinkles and take attention away from any bags under your eyes. It can do all this while being fashionable. The best part is no one will know what you’re doing.

Make sure when you go to your stylist, have a discussion about the length and shape to decide what is best for you.

If you need a little extra help in hair restoration, don’t worry. Make sure you check out Capillus.

7. Stop and Smell the Roses

Most people preach a powered and matte face. While sometimes this can be nice, looking dewy and fresh keeps you looking younger.

One of the best ways to help freshen up your face is spritzing rosewater before you start your morning makeup routine.

Rosewater does a whole array of good things for your skin. That’s why it’s one of the best anti-aging secrets.

It helps keep inflammation down while also cleansing your skin and removing dirt. If you’re having acne issues, it aids with that as well.

8. Buy Some Balm

Cracked, ancient lips can be a giveaway to your age or just general lack of self-care. The skin on your lips is super sensitive so make sure you pay it extra attention.

Invest in a lip balm or chapstick to have on you at all times. Put it on anytime your lips start feeling dry and cracked. For a little extra help, buy a lip scrub to get rid of any dead skin.

9. It’s Okay to Invest

While most of us aren’t celebrities and don’t have money to blow, we can still put a little extra cash towards a great skincare routine.

Skincare can be a small investment, but it is one that’s worth it. Sit down, do your research, speak to a dermatologist, and figure out what cleansers, moisturizers, and serums are good for you.

Once you figure it all out, start your routine and stick with it. Your skin will be first to notice if anything changes.

10. Be Confident

One anti-aging secret all celebrities swear by that’s free is confidence.

Knowing that no matter what, everyone will get older and so will your skin. Wrinkles and eye bags will come, but all you have to do is do your best and rock it!

Age is but a number. Remember that.

So whether it’s getting nervous around your new crush or stepping into a job interview, let your personality shine through. It gives your skin the radiant look it deserves.

Anti-Aging Secrets: Revealed

Now that we have disclosed our best celebrity anti-aging secrets, it’s time to put the tips to the test.

If you follow all the above steps, you’ll be looking younger and fresher in no time.

Since you’re on the track of improvement, browse our site for more tips about health, beauty, and coping with anxiety. There’s plenty of tricks to improve your life in every way.

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