What’s The First Spider Veins Removal Method You Should Try?

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Just taking care of your face and hands isn’t enough. We often forget our legs. Your legs carry you throughout the day and so, they need extra care. Also, these days it is very important to maintain your legs to keep them looking beautiful always. Several issues can affect our legs’ appearance, for example scars, skin marks and spider veins.

Many people are affected by spider veins but don’t really know much about it. These are tiny veins located in the layers of our outer skin. At first, they look casual, but with the passing of time, they increase in number and visibility. Its appearance is always the same: they look bluish, greenish or purplish which makes them very noticeable when located in exposed areas like legs, arms and faces. These tend to be confused with varicose veins. Certainly, they are similar, but varicose veins are located deeper and they look much worse.

Experts do not agree on one specific way to treat this issue. There is a common misconception that home remedies can totally eliminate spider veins, This isn’t true, the only proven approach to eliminate spider veins is by surgical and medical procedure, home remedies can only reduce it and sometimes prevent you from having it, but as a patient, your best bet is through sclerotherapy and laser surgery. As a patient, you can choose the approach you prefer

If you are looking to prevent spider veins, the main cause is a damaged vein. These have valves that prevent blood from going back. If any of these valves are not working properly, then blood comes back and provokes obstructions that result in the formation of spider veins.

Another important factor to take into account is the amount of time you spend standing up. This is important because gravity affects blood by making it go back to the veins. If you spend too much time on your feet, take a break from time to time to sit down. Something similar can happen if you do the opposite. If you do not exercise your legs at all, weak muscles don’t help veins to take the blood back to the heart. So, it is better to exercise these muscles regularly.

Weight is another important factor. The more you weight, the more possibilities to suffer spider veins you have. Specialist believes that visceral fat in your abdominal cavity is an obstacle for your blood on its way to the heart. The pressure it adds to your veins forces blood back to the legs thus weakening the valves.

Therefore, we can state that the first spider veins removal method we should pursue is the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise and good feeding habits. If you stick to this routine, you are less prone to getting get spider veins. However, this abnormal veins might be hereditary in your family. Therefore, whatever you do, you could end up getting it. Ask a doctor for more specific information.


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