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What things are mandatory while keto diet

Diet is the main element of anything and when there are certain instructions then they are to be followed because it helps in providing the desired results to the people. Similar thins are to be managed while taking the keto diet and this plan must be maintained effectively by all.

The plan of a keto diet is viable and if you are ready to get in to the ketogenic state then it depends on what you actually intake. Carbohydrates are the main elements that are focused at this point because less carbohydrates or low-carb ensures faster ketosis. The general level that is required to maintain effective ketosis is 15 grams or less. The major sources of carbohydrates are vegetables, dry nuts and the products from dairy. Apart from this, there are certain refined sources of carbs as well like wheat bread, pasta etc. and these are also to be avoided. However, with everything there are certain exceptions that can be consumed like avocado and berries but only moderate amounts are to be consumed.


Below mentioned is a complete lists of foods that can and cannot be consumed during the keto process. The actual levels are to be followed to get the maximum out of it:

Prohibited food items-

  • Whole grains- Rice, cereal, corns etc.
  • Sugar- maple syrup, honey and others
  • Fruits- oranges, banana, apples
  • Tuber- yam, potatoes,

Recommended food items-

  • Non veg- goat, eggs, white meat, etc
  • Green leafs- kale and spinach
  • Veggies- cauliflower, broccoli
  • Immense fat- fatty milk, butter, fat cream etc.
  • Dry nuts- seeds of sunflower, walnuts and more.
  • Sweetening agents- low -carb sweetening agents, stevia and other can be used at this point.
  • Berries and fruits- blackberries and avocados can also be tried but moderate levels are required.
  • Fats- oil of coconut, highly dressed salads, saturated fats and others

This is the diet that is to be followed to get best ketosis and there are no issues in taking the recommended food items. However, there are many supplements as well that help in this process and they can also be tried by the folks but it’s better to stay on the natural diet for better results.

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