Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman has so much going on in her mind. There are so many doubts, anxieties and fears, and it is not always easy to discuss them with others. Every woman has a different pregnancy and a different experience. What happens with one mom-to-be commonly may never happen to another ever.

But when it comes to food almost all would-be-moms have certain food cravings. And though most doctors, gynecologists and nutritionists advise the moms-to-be to eat a balanced diet that is good for them as well as the baby, there are times, when you crave for some foods which may not be very healthy. You may want to give into temptations once in a while, but don’t do it too often. Also, keep this list handy, it tells you about the foods to avoid during Pregnancy.

  1. Raw Papaya

A raw papaya consists of ‘latex’ which may cause uterine contractions. Also, the contents of papain and pepsin in a papaya may restrict fetal growth. It is therefore advised to avoid papaya completely during the entire pregnancy. Though papaya is otherwise considered to be very healthy and nutritious, whether a papaya is raw or ripe might be a confusion, so it’s best to avoid it completely.

  1. Tulsi

Despite its numerous religious and medicinal values, Tulsi should be avoided by a mom-to-be, as it can adversely affect her health. The otherwise popular herb contains estragol and in it, which can lead to uterus contractions. It may also cause a miscarriage when eaten consistently.

  1. Ajinomoto

Used very often in street food and also at homes, especially when making Chinese food, Ajinomoto is something that must be strictly avoided. It can play a major role in an improper development of the baby’s brain. If you still wish to have or have a strong craving for Chinese food, make it at home without using ajinomoto.

  1. Pineapple

Pineapple should be carefully avoided during pregnancy, especially during the initial stages. Bromelia, which is found in pineapples has the tendency to cause softness in the cervix which can cause a miscarriage or induce labour and premature birth.

  1. Maida Foods

Though it might be difficult but a pregnant woman should stay away from items made of maida (refined flour). It includes white bread, noodles, pizza, pasta, cookies etc. Maida may cause constipated as well. Also, packaged items like sauces and ketchups are eaten all the more with maida foods. Both these food items should be stayed away from.

  1. Methi dana/ Fenugreek Seeds

Eating Methi dana consistently can be rather harmful for the mom-to-be and her baby. There is a high content of phytoestrogen which can strain or put pressure on the uterine. They tend to cause heat in the body, which can lead to various complications. It is food often advised to have methi dana after the delivery.

  1. Undercooked Poultry Products and Meat

A mom-to-be should keep away from eating raw or uncooked eggs, even if they are in the form of mayonnaise, soups etc. Raw eggs may have salmonella virus in them. When she is eating meat or chicken, it should also be ensured that it has been well cooked. Certain parasites can lead to food poisoning, which can be quite problematic for the woman.

  1. Eggplant or Baingan

Brinjal (baingan) is quite common in all Indian households, as it can be cooked as whole or combined with other veggies. But a mommy-to-be should keep from it in all its forms. The large amounts of phytohormones present in them, can stimulate mensuration and therefore pose a problem for a pregnant woman if eaten regularly. According to a gynecologist in Thane, an eggplant can also add to heartburn and acidity.

  1. Eating Out

When food is cooked at home, it is ensured that it is hygienically prepared and fresh and clean ingredients alone are used. That may certainly not be maintained at other food outlets. Be it a fancy restaurant or street food. Outside food also contains high amounts of MSG (mono sodium glutamate) which is very harmful to the fetus. It can cause birth defects and should be carefully and completely avoided. The over use of oil, spices and preservatives too is best avoided.

With illogical mood swings and food cravings, it may be difficult to avoid certain foods, but you should. Though a nibble or a small cannot be too dangerous, try and not give in to such temptations as far as possible. Having these foods in little amounts once in a while should not give rise to any complications, but again you need to be careful. It is best advised to consult your gynecologists or a nutritionist who specializes in pregnancy diets.

Remember, it’s for your own good and you need to restrain just for a few months. And once the cute munchkin is out in your arms, it’ll all seem worth it.


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