Tips For a Healthy Flossing Schedule


Recently there have been news reports posted around social media outlets, questioning the benefits concerning the importance of cleaning between your teeth using methods like flossing or a water powered source. Departments of Health across the globe however reacted by stating the opposite, calling to reaffirm that flossing is an ever vital oral hygiene practice.

Most dental associations recommend that you clean between your teeth at least once a day. The importance in this being that if the plaque that is not removed by neither brushing nor flossing, it will turn into tartar harden into calculus. Flossing will certainly also help prevent cavities and gum disease.

There are many options for methods to help clean between teeth. Choosing floss or other products specifically made for this such as dental picks, pre-rigged flossers, those tiny brushes, a water flosser, or a wooden plaque remover. Asking your dentist for proper use will help avoid gum injuries. Sometimes it helps to use waxed, or unwaxed, which or thin comfort floss. These are all things that your dentist can advise you on and help you maintain a healthy habit for life. Talking to your dentist about the type of dental products that will most benefit you.Image result for Tips For a Healthy Flossing Schedule

A question that often gets asked is, When is the best time to floss? Before or after having brushed ones teeth?  A recently conducted poll said 53% floss after brushing, leaving the other 47% flossing before they brushed. So who was correct? Uneventfully, both parties are right. The really important time to clean between your teeth is any time. As long as you actually do it. Do a thorough job and it does not matter when you do. Those of us who are too tired at the end of the long day could help themselves by making it a routine in the morning. While others like to go to sleep with a ultra clean mouth.

Let us not forget the children. They need to reach those areas between their teeth too. More importantly it is crucial to ingrain in them a routine of proper oral hygiene. Cleaning between teeth is a more demanding job, sometimes making it necessary for parents to help them until they are old enough to take on the duty themselves.

It is worth noting that cleaning between ones teeth should not cause any pain. If done too roughly you risk damaging the soft tissues between your teeth. While going about it too gently, you might not get all the particles out properly. It is of course normal to feel some discomfort when first adopting a strict schedule, but with daily brushings and in-between cleaning such as flossing, that discomfort will ease quickly.

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