Smog and the Battle Against Premature Aging

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The pictures and videos of Chinese citizens walking down the street all wearing paper face masks to prevent breathing in heavy pollution have become synonymous with modern concerns over environmental pollutants. Since the advent of the industrial age, we have faced an ongoing conundrum of having to balance the need for industrialization with the equally important need to limit our exposure to airborne chemicals.

For many, the conundrum is encapsulated in smog. It is common knowledge that smog is a combination of ozone, airborne particulates, and substances such as carbon monoxide. We also know that smog is unhealthy. It is especially problematic for the skin, inasmuch as the free radicals associated with smog are believed to contribute to premature aging.

  • Effects of Premature Aging of the Skin

The natural process of aging causes every part of the body – including the skin – to gradually break down. But premature aging in the skin is a direct result of environmental factors. That’s why people who live their entire lives in polluted urban areas tend to suffer from premature aging more than those who live in rural environments.

Smog is a problem for two reasons. First is the aforementioned creation of free radicals. When the sun hits smog, it breaks down smog’s many components to create free radicals that can then damage skin cells. These free radicals contribute to the development of wrinkles, age spots, uneven complexion, and so forth.

The other problem is that smog deprives the skin of clean oxygen. Why is this a problem? Because the skin needs a steady supply of oxygen to function correctly. Remember, the skin is the largest organ in the body and a central part of the immune system. Without an ample supply of oxygen, the skin’s ability to fight off foreign invaders is reduced. Thus, the skin loses elasticity, volume, and color.

A deep cleansing facial mask can help detoxify skin that is regularly exposed to smog. An organic moisturizing oil can help rejuvenate damaged skin after the cleansing mask does its job.

  • Deeper Skin Damage from Smog

If premature aging were the only result of smog, we could probably live with it. But it’s not. Long-term exposure to smog can break down skin cells to the point of increasing the risks of developing certain kinds of skin conditions. For example, people who live in polluted environments are more likely to develop eczema. Risks are also higher for skin dryness, rashes and acne.

The key to preventing these additional problems is to take care of the skin in a way that alleviates the environmental damage caused by smog. Again, the best way to do this is with a deep cleansing mask and an organic moisturizing oil.

  • Reducing Surface Damage

The point of using a deep cleansing mask and organic moisturizing oil is to address surface damage before it has an opportunity to get deeper. Companies like CRUDE specialize in creating organic products that do anexcellent job of rejuvenating and protecting the skin. More importantly, they create their products with a commitment to do no harm.

Taking care of the skin with the right organic products goes a long way toward combating premature aging and environmental damage. Think of it in terms of taking care of an antique wooden table. To prevent surface damage from causing more severe problems, you clean the table to get rid of dirt and particulates and apply a light coat of oil to keep it from drying out. Treating the skin with a cleansing mask and organic moisturizing oil does essentially the same thing.

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