Hair Loss

Never compromise on your long and thick hair. Learn the ways to maintain it

Long and nourished hair is what every woman desire to have. But somehow in today’s time, it gets difficult to maintain long hair.  Pollution has become a major factor in this.  Hair fall is increasing at an alarming rate and there is nothing to stop it. People are moving out on the streets, the dirt is affecting the roots of the hair and making it weaker. The choice of keeping long hair is now a difficulty for women.

But women try to keep their hair strong and well maintained. There are several remedies to keep your hair better. Let’s highlight some effective ones.

  • Always comb wet hair with proper care. Wet hair is very fragile and tends to break apart from the root. One has to be very cautious while combing wet hair. It is advisable to take proper care while doing so.
  • Trimming of hair is also essential to get rid of rough ends. After every six weeks, women should trim their hair to get rid of hair fall. One can either do it on their own or visit a parlor for doing so.
  • It is not necessary to wash hair on a daily basis. Try to use shampoo after every alternative day and with that conditioner is a must. After shampoo always apply a little bit of conditioner to make their smooth and silky.  Women should also keep in mind to use to same branded shampoo and conditioner. Change in product leads to various complications. One may get affected with allergies and hair fall. Always try to stick to a product which is suiting you.
  • After using conditioner always wash it with cold water. This keeps the hair stronger and gives extra shine. This is to be noted that be it any season always use cold water to wash your hair after applying conditioner.
  • Don’t use color if it is not suiting you- There are people who have a habit of using colors for a unique style statement. Never take that risk if it doesn’t suit you. Extreme and continuous use of color leads to damage of hair from the roots. After few months you may notice some serious hair fall.
  • Always eat a healthy diet- Though it may seem a little bit unusual but it is very important to maintain a proper die to keep your hair string and better. A healthy diet includes lots of green vegetables and less of oily food.
  • If possible always nourish you hair with aloe Vera. This is one such item which prevents hair loss and helps in the growth of hair. Apply this after every two to three days on your hair before going for a bath.
  • Coconut oil- Though conditioner is a perfect treatment to keep your hair healthy yet there is no alternative to coconut oil. It is highly recommended by many hair experts. The use of this hair oil will protect your hair from unforeseen damage like dirt, sunshine, and dandruff. Using curry leaves with coconut oil is a better way to nourish your hair.

Like these, there are several remedies that can be applied for the nourishment of your hair. Loss of a hair is a serious damage and there is only one way to get a rescue from it. Hair transplant has been the most inventive process that helps to re-grow hair within a small duration of time. Hair transplant in Ludhiana is considered to be the best option for people.

The best part is that the hair transplant cost in Ludhiana is even quite moderate and even the normal people can afford it.

The thought of hair transplant comes much later. Protecting your hair is the primary job. Be very cautious about your long hair as even small things may damage it.


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