Imperfections that Make You Beautiful

Published On October 25, 2018 | By admin | Health

What would you change about your physical appearance? Most people when asked this question would respond with things that they aren’t happy with regarding their bodies. A few immediate responses that we often hear consists of stubborn belly fat, teeth, hair, noses, and even stretch marks.

Even though you might dislike your so called “flaws”, many people are seeking ways in which they can appreciate what makes them different. Consider a few of these tips to embrace what makes you beautiful.

Body Type

Both men and women struggle with their body image. Society has marketed images of what men and women “should” be striving for and this causes a great deal of issues with our self-worth. The fact is, people consists of all different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re short, tall, skinny, or curvy; you should embrace that body you have.

Appreciating your body and eating healthy never looks the same for everyone. Doing your best is what matters.

Stretch Marks

Another thing that both men and women face is stretch marks. Many people strive to find ways to eliminate these marks, but the truth is stretch marks can be completely normal, especially when considering factors such as puberty and pregnancy; when grows or weight gain happens quickly. These can occur at the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, and even breasts.

For some time now, people have allowed these physical marks to affect their self-image and contribute to anxieties about their physical appearance, but many people are taking a stance against this type of negative mindset. For instance, many people are now learning to embrace these marks as it was a time when they carried their child in their womb. The fact is, everyone can get stretch marks and its nothing to be ashamed of. One factor helping to change this is for those women with a stance to speak up. Celebrity stretch marks are learning to be embraced in Hollywood as more women become confined in their bodies once again.


It’s important to keep up on your dental hygiene; however, a clean and healthy mouth doesn’t always mean that your teeth must be straight. In fact, teeth can consist of gaps, chips, and more. If you’re worried that they don’t look like the perfect example of a straight row of teeth, relax. Sometimes it’s okay to look different. Interestingly, in other countries most people don’t put a strong emphasis on having perfectly straight teeth. Be sure to smile and love the way you look.

A Note of Self Love

There are many reasons why someone could feel insecure; however, embracing your image and loving the way you were made to look is something that can’t be fixed the same way someone could get braces or weight loss surgery. Self-love is something that is natural and from within. Learning to love yourself is one of the most important things you could do for yourself. Be sure to take time to realize your beauty inside and out.

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