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We all wish that we don’t end up in the situation where we would need to fight addiction, but when we realize it, it is important to react fast. It is great that professionals now know how everything works when it comes to addiction, so they can figure out the best way possible to manage it. Everything depends on the substance and how long is a person using it.

The faster you react the more chances are that everything will work out fine, so it is important that you inform yourself on time. You can find information about rapid detox online or if you know someone that was in a similar situation. It is always recommended to visit professionals because they have the needed experience to fix this problem. What comes after detoxification also matters because we don’t what the individual to turn back to bad habits.

Number of Addicts is rising

Even when they may occur together, it is important to know that heroin addiction and physical dependence are not the same. It’s true that many people who are drug users are usually physically dependent, but dependence is far less complex than addiction. The problem with heroin is that it is a very strong substance which will make the user out of control. It won’t matter what results may occur while using it, the addiction will last.

Even when we have a lot of success in treating patients, the number of people who are addicted is rising and most of them won’t get any kind of treatment. Because it is too strong and has a major effect on your body and mind, it’s not recommended to try detox at home. It’s only hard to watch someone go through withdrawal, but some symptoms can be very dangerous to the user and everyone around them. Professionals have all the right tools to reduce craving and make sure everything will be safe during the detoxification process.

Effects of Heroin on your Body

When someone uses it constantly, it will change the physiology of the brain and physical structure. It ends up in long-term imbalances in hormonal and neuronal systems that are very hard to reverse. Due to heroin use, some deterioration of the brain’s white matter can happen according to many studies. Because of this, doctors are explaining bad effects on responding to stressful situations, ability to regulate behavior and decision-making abilities.

There is also an intense degree of physical dependence and tolerance. The more someone uses it, the more it takes to achieve the same effect. After the last time the drug was taken, withdrawal may occur within a few hours. Some of the symptoms are leg movement, vomiting, diarrhea, cold flashes with goose bumps, insomnia, bone and muscle pain, and restlessness.

The hardest period of someone that is going through detox is between one and two days after the last dose and it calms down after a week. Heroin use disorder is also a common thing where someone is uncontrollably seeking drugs no matter what which is chronic relapsing disease. The danger of this disorder is that when the user has it, the main purpose in their life is to find the drug.

Read more about it here: https://www.drugs.com/illicit/heroin.html

Duration of Detox

The problem with heroin is that it goes in the bloodstream very quickly and, but on the other hand a great thing is that it leaves quickly also. Every person is more or less addictive, so the overall duration depends on the user, but most of them have the same responsive time. The withdrawal symptoms can begin from six to twelve hours and the worst period can even start after twelve hours, but the average period is 24 hours.

There is no doubt that medical detox centers are the best option for patients that are experiencing withdrawal. The right treatment is crucial in these situations. Most of the time the intervention starts before heroin fully leaves the system. It depends on the person, but it can take from 5 to 7 days. There are some cases where the addiction was very strong and it took 10 days for detox.

Medical detox often combines therapy and medications to help the brain and body recover from its dependence on the drug. Temperature, breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure has to be monitored so the patient will be secure and safe throughout the process.

Withdrawal Medications

The main reason why you should go to the medical center is that they have all the medication needed to reduce craving and minimize withdrawal symptoms. One of the most popular is Buprenorphine which stimulates the same opioid receptors as heroin. It can relieve withdrawal symptoms and cravings without making the high unless abused or misused. If the medication is taken for an extended period of time, the user needs to be weaned off it slowly because physical dependence can occur.

There is a combination named Suboxone that contains naloxone and buprenorphine which is an opioid antagonist that helps in potentially abusing the medication. Almost every drug has the same role just some are stronger than others. Methadone is a well-known long-acting opioid that helps reducing cravings and to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Most of these drugs create physical dependence, so it monitoring is very important. Because most of them are addictive, Naltrexone is a counterattack which blocks the action of opioids. It isn’t like the other two mentioned, it won’t produce dependence, but it is also less effective.

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