A Guide to Understanding How Invisible Braces Work

Invisible braces (also called aligners) that fit snugly over your white pearls work extremely well to align them into a perfect smile. Aligners are widely accepted and offer multiple benefits over the traditional braces. The cost of invisible braces in Sydney is highly affordable and can be worn by patients of all ages.

Wondering how these simple-looking invisible braces can work wonders with your dental arrangement? Read on to find out how invisible braces work and why you must invest in them.

What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces in Sydney are orthodontic devices that are used to correct the misalignment of teeth. They are made of soft plastic that does not harm the walls of the mouth and is comfortable to wear.

What are the steps involved in using invisible braces?

  • The process starts with taking impressions of the patient’s teeth and by using these measurements the custom invisible braces are made.
  • The first set of invisible braces is handed over to the patient and a schedule for changing to the next set is informed.
  • Generally, patients take 10-15 days to start feeling comfortable with braces. Closer examination of the braces will reveal minor changes in their shapes and structure.
  • With time, as the patient moves from one set of aligners to another set, the teeth begin to move. The invisible braces are designed to push each tooth with the right force and in the right direction slowly.
  • Finally, patient completes custom invisible treatment (which may take many months) as mapped out by dentist and the results are clearly visible. It is important to note that the dentist is entirely responsible for planning the movement of teeth throughout the course of treatment.

Note: The invisible braces treatment in Sydney is custom made for each patient based on their existing dental arrangement of the individual. The time taken for the treatment to be completed, also changes from one patient to another (may vary between 10 months to 2 years). Patients who have previously used the conventional braces but have discontinued treatment due to pain or other factors can still go ahead and use invisible braces to rectify their smile. Since the invisible braces cost in Sydney is almost the same as the conventional one, switching over will not be a problem. The treatment period in this case will be lesser.

How will the invisible braces affect the normal routine of an individual?

The invisible braces must be worn for a minimum of 20 hours every day for the treatment to be effective. They take some time to set into the daily routine of the patient and cause no pain at all. With invisible braces, patients can eat anything they want but must avoid smoking.


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