Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Ever thought of buying the best exercise bike for home use? If you are the fitness type person then a stationary exercise bike is worth a try. Well I have and my first pick wasn’t quite rosy. I got a bike that was not perfect suit with my need. This was a good lesson for me. Today, I have learnt quite a number of tips that have allowed me to get my hands on an awesome folding magnetic bike.

Today I have chosen to share my experience of buying the best exercise bike by just giving you the simplest comparison of a recumbent and an upright stationary bike. Read along to find out more too.

Find the Perfect Sitting Saddle

Recumbent bikes offer larger sitting allowances. Compared to upright bikes, recumbent bike will possibly come with backrests, handlebar rests, and a comfy sitter. The choice you make will depend on your needs and possibly the type of comfort that you are looking for.

Find the Right Price for the Bike

Looking at what recumbent bike will offer there is no doubt that the comfort will definitely come with a larger price tag on it. However, when buying a bike you should spend wisely. It is important to look into the price and compare it with your budget. Additionally you can also adjust your budget according to your lifestyle and fitness needs among other things.

Look at The Positioning of Pedals

Recumbent bikes will have pedals positioned in front of the body while the upright bikes will have pedals positioned right under the body. This is not quite a big deal if you know what you want from your training. The one thing that you must look at however is the chance that your bike will last longer and possibly allow you to enjoy the value for your money.

Look at The Position of the Body

There is a slight difference between exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike with pulse and a recumbent bike. Usually on any upright bike, the rider’s body will sit above the bike frame just as the more traditional bikes would. Recumbent on the other side offers a cool posture for the bike frame.

Determine the Material of Make

Is the bike made out of aluminum or steel? Durability will depend on this factor. While aluminum alloys may last longer, steel is the most durable one. You must therefore take your time to makes sure that you choose the right frame for your training bike too.

Think about Available Storage Space

This is really important. Your bike needs to sit pretty in your home. Indeed you need enough space to walk around while training and another for your loved ones to remain safe from any accidents and falls. Thinking about the size of bike you want and also the space you have to fit it in is therefore very ideal.

It is the simple tips that make the huge difference. In case you don’t want to lose your money, by making the wrong choices. Make sure that you have made an informed decision by doing the right preparations before buying a bike.

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