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Give Your Nails a Gorgeous Long Growth

You must be jealous of your friends having a gorgeous long and strong nails. It annoys you when you try to grow your nail, but they don’t get enough growth. What you all do is simply wait and wait, but you get to see no results.

You put all the possible efforts but always fail. Don’t give up; since there are a number of methods that you can try.

Reasons why your nails aren’t growing
There are several reasons due to which your nails aren’t getting enough growth such as:

  1. You bite your nails: Do you bite your nails on regular basis? If yes, it’s time to stop because it causes a number of bacterial infections in your body and stops the growth of your nails, as well as skin. It’s important for you to keep your nails clean and polished so that you won’t make any efforts to bite and eat them up.

  2. Skip the base coat: When you apply nail polish on your nails, keep in mind to apply a base coat before the nail paint. If you aren’t applying the base coat, it means that your nail’s top most layers are getting peeled off that naturally stops the growth of your nails.

    3. Use of gel and acrylics in excess amount: If you go to a salon to acrylic or gel nails, you’re stopping your natural nails to grow. For once, it’s great to get gel nails, but if you make this your regular habit, the natural growth of your nails might get affected.

    How to grow your nails

If you want to grow your nails and make them stay strong and hygienic, there’s a system that would help you do so without any side effects. You can use a treatment product for your nails that would give a life to your nails and the system is called as the Rejuvacote nail growth system.

According to, this product is specially designed for the ones having super sensitive skin. It’s a nail hardener, also called “the nail doctor” that’ll heal your cracked and weak nails, and gives a natural and strong look to them.

Usually, it takes around 2-3 weeks for the improvement in the condition of your nails and will force them to grow healthier and stronger. It’s basically used as a top or the base coat on your nails.

How to apply Rejuvacote and from where to buy
• If you want to apply the product, make sure that you clean and dry your nails properly.

  • After doing so, apply 1 coat of the Rejuvacote product on your nails as a base coat.
  • Apply the nail paint of any color on your nails.
  • Apply the product as the top coat on the nails and repeat this step for 7 days.
  • Remove the nail paint using the acetone or the nail polish remover.
  • Repeat all the steps

After 7 days, you’ll notice that there will be an improvement in the condition of your nails. This product is available on at reasonable prices. Rejuvacote is considered to be one of the best strengthening formulae that stimulate the growth of your nails and provide a protection against splitting, damage, and breakage.

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