Eating Safely to Stay Healthy in Thailand: 4 Tips that Should Come in Handy

If you are in Thailand, then you probably already know that the food options are so vast that the country is considered to be a foodie’s heaven. However, in spite of the excellence of Thai cuisine, there are a few safety tips that everyone should be aware of, especially if you are a new expatriate from outside the country.It can take a while for people to get adjusted to the local cuisine, especially if you are coming in from a country that has dishes vastly dissimilar to what is found in Thailand.

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Avoid Pig’s Blood Soup

Pig’s blood soup, or what is known as luu moo is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a soup made out of pig’s blood and bits of internal organs from butchered animals (offal). If that recipe alone doesn’t throw you off, then you should know that people can actually die from bacterial food poisoning after eating luu moo. In every possible way, pig’s blood soup is a dish out of hell and you should avoid it unless you are on a reality show that will give you exorbitant amounts of money and a short-lasting bout of fame for trying it! In general, stay away from any food which has raw blood or raw animal parts in it, because it’s a recipe for gastrointestinal disaster, if not even worse.

Don’t Eat the Horseshoe Crab

The horseshoe crab can be delicious, but only if the chef is really experienced, careful and successful at making the dish toxin free. As there is no way for the chef or the customer to be absolutely sure that the dish is not poisonous, skip the dares and the spare the poor crab for your own sake! Check out this research paper on horseshoe crab poisoning breakouts to understand how dangerous this can be for people.

Don’t Drink the Tap Water

If you don’t want to end up with diarrhea, it is highly advised that you avoid the tap water at all times, especially if you have children at home. The government often states that it is safe to drink Thai tap water because they treat it well enough to kill all microbes, but what they don’t tell you is the fact that the pipes in the country have not been changed in decades! As a result of that, even treated water might become infected with dangerous bacteria before reaching your home or hotel. Always drink packaged water and buy a water purifier at home.

Order Your Groceries from a Reputed Supermarket

Fresh street food is easily available in Thailand, particularly the seafood, but there’s a catch to this. If you are not an expert, you would not be able to tell fresh from not-so-fresh, while shopping in the markets. There’s also the question of authenticity while shopping for packaged groceries, because duplicity isn’t uncommon in the region. By shopping for grocery online Bangkok, you can reduce the chances of getting sick through consuming duplicate or subpar products. The thing is that when you are buying from a reputed supermarket, the local business takes the extra initiative to make sure that their customers get the best products in order to maintain their reputation.

This list should guide you towards a safer and healthier life in Thailand, but it is always a great idea to use your common sense. For example, if you must eat a dish that you have never heard of or know anything about, just Google it and find out, instead of taking a chance with your wellbeing.

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