How to Contact Your Favourite Dispensaries without Email

Published On August 22, 2017 | By Gerardo Sanders | Medicine

When it comes to buying products online, what is one of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with an online retailer? If you ask anyone, the resounding answer is a lack of communication options with customer service. In many cases, the only avenue that you have for contacting customer service is through email, which is slow and oftentimes hit or miss when it comes to getting an adequate response or even getting a response at all. Online dispensaries are not immune from these issues, offering their customers email only for communication with their customer service team. However, there is a better way to get in touch with Cannabismo.

Here is how to contact your favourite dispensaries without email and get a faster, more satisfactory result: social media.

All online dispensaries are tied into social media because they understand the power it has for marketing to their targeted customer base. Most online dispensaries have profiles on a number of different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more. For example, Cannabismo, the leading online dispensary in Canada, has a Twitter profile that helps their customers enjoy a better, more responsive communication avenue with their customer service team. The Cannabismo Twitter profile can be found here:

When you communicate with online dispensaries via social media, you are much more likely to receive a response quickly. This is because they have employees monitor their social media channels regularly. This is because social media interactions are public where emails are not. Twitter allows them to see messages and review them quickly and then makes it possible to return a response just as quickly. Of course, Twitter like most other social media channels, doesn’t require you to use a public forum to post your questions. You can send them to online dispensaries via private message so that only the dispensary can see them. Then, you can expect replies to your inquiries to come to you via private message as well. It is really an ideal method for contacting online dispensaries and any other company for that matter.

If you have a question for Cannabismo or any other online dispensary, instead of sending an email consider using social media to initiate the contact. Using platforms like Twitter make it much easier to contact online dispensaries and get the response and resolution that you are looking for. Plus, you get the added benefit of following them and staying up on all of the latest developments within the cannabis industry, with the online dispensary you use and more. See more from Cannabismo on YouTube and find out how easy it is to get connected to one of the best online dispensaries in the industry.
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