The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Published On August 22, 2017 | By Howard Munoz | Health

Over the last few years laws and regulations on medical marijuana use have become less strict. This is mainly due to published and proven scientific facts of what the alternative and natural drug provides patients who suffer from different diseases and ailments. Although many have accepted that medical cannabis has more advantages than disadvantages there are still some who are unsure about using weed, even with a legal prescription or with a doctor’s recommendation.

For those who are still on the fence about cannabis use, these benefits will give a clearer picture of how using this drug does more good than harm for many patients.

1. Cancer Killer 

Cancer is a word many dread and fear and with good reason. Cannabis helps those with early stage cancer and those at risk of cancer because studies have shown that weed slows down and may even kill cancer causing cells. This is because of the THC in marijuana that shuts down the ID-1 gene which is responsible for creating cancer cells. This same effect can also be seen with CBD which is also found in some strains of cannabis.

2. Helps Manage Glaucoma Symptoms 

It has become a running gag for people to say they have glaucoma when they are caught using weed and this is because it is true that medical marijuana greatly reduces the symptoms of glaucoma. The use of cannabis reduces the pain and pressure in the eyes of those suffering from glaucoma and is known to be the most effective medicine for the disease.

3. Reduces Symptoms Anxiety and Depression 

Studies have shown that marijuana use is very effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. The ingredients found in cannabis have a sedative quality that allows anxious and depressed people to feel more relaxed on a cellular level. This provides relief for sufferers and gives them moments of peace away from negative and life threatening thoughts.

4. Reduces Seizures 

The THC compound in marijuana binds with the brain cells to help regulate and control excitability. This makes it very effective in reducing and even fully eliminating epileptic seizures which previously had no cure.

5. Fast-Acting Pain Relief 

There are a handful of illness which causes serious chronic pain that can sometimes be debilitating for patients. People who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis find that cannabis provides excellent and quick pain relief to help them deal with the pain and symptoms of their disease.

6. Reduces Chemo Side Effects 

Those going through chemotherapy have a long and hard battle ahead of them, but marijuana makes the challenge a little easier to deal with. Using weed results in less nausea, an increase in appetite, as well as reduced pain.

7. Helps With PTSD 

Veterans who suffer from PTSD find comfort when using cannabis because of its ability to suppress stress, anxiety, and depression. Using medical marijuana also reduces nightmares and allows peaceful and restful nights of sleep for combat veterans.

These are just some of the benefits marijuana offers and there are so much more, which makes it an alternative medicine worth exploring.

The benefits of medical marijuana have been properly documented. At MMJ Canada, we want you to fully take advantage of these benefits. Visit us today and let’s discuss what you need.

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