5 Benefits of a Medical Billing Service

Published On August 4, 2017 | By Goldie Brim | Health

As a health practitioner, one has to wear many hats to keep the health unit flourishing. This includes handling the finances, taking care of billing and claims and providing superb quality health care service. Of course, this is just for a start. A company cannot sustain the same one-hat methodology for the long-term if it has to move ahead in the game. That is where one has to decide whether to hire more staff or to outsource unrelated tasks.

Billing in medical service is co-incidentally unrelated but a crucial part of the life cycle. Without, accruing claim returns on time, a medical practice’s days are numbered. With a decent medical billing service on the side, a medical practice can improve its productivity and profitability, both at the same time.

Below are five best reasons to hire a medical billing service for your health-care unit.

  1. Increase profitability

Many medical professionals think that the job of a medical billing service is to merely enter data on a piece of paper that is then forwarded to the insurance departments. However, a medical billing company not only enters data but tries to acquire the maximum returns on a claim through follow-up and using the most up-to-date code-of-conduct.

The second reason the billing services improve profitability is that they have no shortage of staff. A medical practice can have a few employees handling the billing department, they go on leave, and the burden can get intense. But that’s not the case with a billing service because they have a dozen staff members trained just for filing claims and following up on them. This increases the efficiency. And when the efficiency is increased, it directly results in more gains.

  1. Improve customer support

With billing service outsourced to medical billing companies, a medical practice can focus on what it does best… The health of patients. This professional manner also affects the customer service of the healthcare unit and increases retention rate.

Moreover, the problems related to patient bills and claims are handled directly by the billing service, which has trained professionals sitting behind the phone, especially for that task. They can assist the patients in a professional manner and without pressure.

  1. Enhance physician’s efficiency

Now, as the billing service has been outsourced, a physician doesn’t have to wear multiple hats just to keep the unit running. Instead, he/she can focus on providing the best services to the patients because the payments are collected by a third party. This also removes the aggravation between both the parties, as the system is transparent and only the services provided by the physician are charged from the insurance company. This hugely increases the physician’s efficiency during working hours and provides him a stress-free atmosphere to work.

  1. Decrease claim denials

An important task of the billing department is to prepare clean claims that cannot be rejected by the insurance company handling the patient’s case. The rejection can be avoided if the billing professionals have added the correct CPT codes associated with the diagnosis codes and complete patient information for the insurance company. This decreases the chance of denial. The ratio of rejected claims is less for the billing agencies as compared to in-house teams, especially because of this reason.

  1. Plan future finances with better consultancy

With the help of a billing service, you can plan a better strategy for future finances of the health-care unit. Not only has the billing service a wide-range of experience, but many services also provide consultancy to the clients. This helps them make a better decision about their units.

Same goes for the medical practitioners.


As you can see, a medical billing service not only aids with the billing, but it also has a positive effect on the patients as well.

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