Top 10 Health Benefits of Playing the Piano

If you’re looking for a way to improve your life other than exercise or nutrition, you should consider playing musical instruments like the piano. Playing piano has many of benefits, both mental and physical. Below are the Top 10 Health Benefits of Playing the Piano.

It increases human growth hormone.

This is particularly important if you’re older. The human growth hormone is linked to the decrease of the pains and aches you feel when you’re getting older. People who had keyboard lesson have a higher level of human growth hormones than others. Having high growth hormones, the energy levels, muscle mass and sexual function increase, and the progression of osteoporosis slows down.

It reduces stress.

When you’re learning to play a piano you need to be focused on both the music and on the technique, you’ll be able to get away from your daily stress.

It gives you hand-eye co-ordination.

When you’re taking a piano class, you’ll be taught on how you have to read while you’re playing the instrument. This trains your hands and eyes to work together and can be very handy in future in terms of improving your productivity and your reaction time.

Also, since you use both hands playing independently, you’re stimulating different parts of the brain.

Playing piano strengthen hand muscles.

By keeping up the right posture of hands and utilizing the best possible hand position while playing the piano makes your arms more strong. Indeed, even as you grow up and get more established, your hands have strong hand muscles contrasted with others. The piano is an incredible method to develop dexterity among children too.

Split Concentration

Figuring out how to get your hands to work together might be troublesome at first but when you practice it will turn out to be second nature. Playing piano permits you build up the capacity to focus on numerous things simultaneously. In playing the piano you should arrange your hand movements and in addition, read the music in front of you which requires a lot of focus. The Split concentration you acquire from piano can be applied to life circumstances also, for example, multitasking.

Enhances the Language Skills

Aural awareness that is created by playing the piano makes it easy for one to understand the sound pattern of new language. It works wonders for kids who experience difficulty hearing in a loud background and can battle dyslexia while it’s developing.

Enables one to have better mental wellbeing.

As per researchers, playing music advances mind wellbeing as you must be creative. For quite a while, there had been theories that playing music led to higher knowledge levels. This is not true anymore. Researchers have proved that playing an instrument like piano builds one’s IQ.

It improves academic skills.

Learning to play piano can increase your cognitive development.  Music highly stimulates the brain. By understanding scales, rhythm, and beat, children are learning to recognize patterns, create fractions, and how to divide, for example.

It inspires creativity.

When you’re learning piano, you are using both sides of your brain because you’re required to be creative every time you play. This happens because you’re reading and using your hands at the same time.

It broadens vocabulary.

Children who have music in their academic curriculum have a far better verbal sequencing and vocabulary than children who didn’t.


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