Stay fit and healthy to lower your health insurance costs – Few expert tips

We are all aware of the fact that exercising regularly and eating the right food contributes to a healthier mind and body. While we always associate right food with good health, did you know that there is one more side of eating right? Well, when you eat the right food and stay healthy by exercising regularly, you can lower your health insurance costs.

There are many who take up New Year resolutions to hit the gym and get the best body but sooner or later, they tend to forget about their promises. What if someone is paid to remain healthy? If you consider taking out Australian health insurance- iSelect, you will be offered lower premium rates if you’re healthy.

What is the reason behind this step taken by companies?

You must be wondering about the underlying assumption that the companies take when they decide to offer rebates and discounts to the healthier people. Generally, the companies offer these discounts to the healthier generation as they won’t get claims as frequently as those who are unhealthy or ill. There’s no wonder that the companies will love to offer some of the cost-saving advantages upfront to the customers in the form of perks and discounts.

There are in fact several health insurance companies which offer reward points to policyholders who participate in different sports activities. Few such activities include taking part in cyclothon, marathon and swimathons. Routine yoga workouts are also rewarded with the best rebate points. If you can quit smoking cigarettes, this can even work as an added bonus.

On the other hand, there are some other insurance companies which believe in the fact that prevention of a disease and early detection is better than suffering from it and not being able to find a potential cure. They offer value added benefits for users who get preventive health checkups at the hospitals and diagnostic centres within the insurance network.

Taking care of your health to reduce health insurance premiums

The premium that you pay on the health insurance policy is determined by your age, health and also your medical history. Which are the areas that you should take care of in order to lower health insurance premium rates?

  • Keep a tab on your blood pressure: If you have a tendency of having high blood pressure, you should always keep a tab on the fluctuations so that you can demonstrate a normal pressure when you approach an insurance company.
  • Quit smoking: Smoking makes you vulnerable to different cardiovascular and respiratory issues which can in future make you file a claim. Hence, it is better to quit smoking so that you can grab lower rates on your health insurance policy.
  • Keep diabetes at bay: You need to make sure you don’t develop diabetes. Check the foods that you eat and get your blood tested to keep a tab on your blood sugar levels.

Therefore, when you’re all set to take out a health insurance policy, make sure you’re at the pink of your health so that you can get the best rates.


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