Why We Must Be Mindfulness on Our Lifestyle

Most of us lead rushed harried lives. However, when we fail to stop and smell the roses on a daily basis it’s easy for us to lose sight of what’s essential. It’s important to be present in every activity that you engage in. Regardless of whether you are driving a car or washing the dishes, you should approach everything with a mindful attitude. Mindfulness improves awareness, enjoyment, and our connectedness with others. When we approach life, and living with this kind of attitude, our experiences become so much fuller and richer. We remember the color of the sky right before the sun sets. We notice the way dinner smells when we walk into the kitchen. Mindfulness heightens living experiences and expands all of its dimensions.


More Enjoyment & Focus in the Moment

One of the biggest benefits of practicing an attitude of being present is the ability to fully enjoy each moment of our lives. We remember experiences with more detail and clarity. This is only possible because we are fully engaging all of our attention and senses in the moment. Giving each moment our full attention also helps us to increase our ability to focus. This is a skill and a quality that is helpful when it comes to work, school, and a whole host of other activities. When we focus, we retain more of what we are trying to learn or accomplish. The ability to focus is an extremely beneficial skill that can help us in many different areas.

Emotional Intelligence & Mental Clarity

Mindfulness helps us to slow down and take our time in life. When we take our time our emotions don’t overwhelm us as easily. We are not easily overwhelmed because we give ourselves time to adequately think things through. Slowing down allows us to make decisions that aren’t based on pure emotion. This is emotional intelligence. Mindfulness also benefits us when it comes to mental clarity. When we can control our emotions we are able to think clearly. The ability to think clearly doesn’t mean that we don’t have emotions. It simply means that we are not controlled by them, which, in turn, allows us to experience clarity of thought. Clear thinking empowers us to make good decisions for ourselves and for our families. Mental clarity is a skill that can help us to make good decisions based upon clear evidence instead of emotion.

Self-Control & Objectivity

When we aren’t living mindfully, life can feel like a rollercoaster. We may find ourselves using unhealthy substances as a way of coping with life’s pressures. Before long we are asking ourselves “am i addicted?” Conversely, mindfulness allows us to practice self-control. When you take your time, and don’t rush through life you have greater control over both your actions and your emotions. Self-control is something that everyone should have. We will be pushed by many different situations in life. Self-control is the characteristic or trait that will keep us from making poor, emotionally charged decisions.  It can keep us on the right track. When we are present in the moment, we are often able to weigh the information that is in front of us and make more objective and unbiased decisions.  Objectivity helps us to see things clearly. Seeing clearly helps us to make better decisions. When we aren’t objective we often fall prey to pressure. This pressure may cause us to develop unhealthy and addictive habits. These habits may require us to go to a florida meth detox facility for treatment.

Practicing a mindful lifestyle has the ability to enlarge our lives. It helps us to smell our roses on a daily basis by teaching us to be present and involved in the moment. It also helps us to cultivate emotional intelligence by resisting the urge to rely on passions as a determining factor when it comes to many things. A mindful approach to living encourages us to slow down and observe and experience life more. The end result of this practice is a clear thinking, objective individual, capable of self-control. Living in the present stimulates thought and critical thinking, discouraging us from making rash decisions based on emotions or incomplete information. Instead, we experience more joy and focus in the moments that make up our lives. Every day becomes a day we can experience in three-dimensional vivid technicolor. We see things that we wouldn’t see if we were distracted, helping us to experience things on a more awakened level. These character traits are invaluable.

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