How Well Are the People Around You Sleeping?

Sleep is one of the most important things. It keeps you healthier, happier and much less stressed. Being sure to get enough rest is key to mental and physical health. For many years scientists and people all over the world have studied people sleeping and their different sleeping habits. One of the biggest debates is how much sleeping a person should be doing. Some say 6 hours some say 8 hours but honestly sleeping patterns and schedules really just depend on the person and their environment.

How Much You Should Get

How much sleep you should get depends on a variety of factors. Young people especially infants and toddlers most often need the most amount of sleeping time. Many kids should be sleeping well over 8 hours in a night. Very small kids such as infants often need at least 10-12 hours every night and kids up to 12 or 13 often need at least 8-12 hours every night. It helps develop normal brain functions and helps improve the mental well being of kids. It also helps kids physically. During sleeping time bones grow, cuts heal and other physical aliments get better. Sleeping well is mandatory for the mental and physical well being of kids and infants.

Getting some good sleeping time in is also very important to the physical and metal well being of adults. It helps to ease and relax the mind causing stress to fade away. Getting good sleeping time in also helps heal the body physically. When you have cuts, sores, colds or other ailments sleeping is very important for the healing process. Without the proper rest the body can become run down and be more susceptible to germs and illness. Most normal adults need a minimum of 7 -9 hours every night to function normally. Getting more or less than that can negatively affect you physically and mentally.

What Time You Should Go To Bed

The good news is there is no specific time that people need to go to bed. It is all about finding what works for you. However there are some bedtime tips and tricks to help you sleep better and feel more refreshed in the morning.

– Go to bed at the same time every night. This is a good rule to follow. Setting up a specific bedtime for yourself can help you rest better and for longer. If you go to bed at all different times of the night your body may become confused and remain awake when you need to be sleeping or vice versa. Putting your body on schedule allows it to know when is the right time to go to bed.

– Wake up at the same time everyday. This is another good rule to follow so you do not confuse your body or sleeping cycle. If you stay in bed to much your cycle is thrown off and if you under do it you are leaving yourself open to being more groggy and tired. Try to get the same amount every night for best results.

In closing the time you go to bed is not as important as how much sleeping time you actually get. Being sure to have a solid 7 plus hours every night will allow for better mental and physical health. Your body and mind will be less stressed and you may be able to conquer more throughout the day.3

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