How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help A Rugby Player!

Rugby is an extremely physically demanding and rough sport. Rugby players grow to expect some injury to their bodies on a daily basis. However their training, determination and knowledge allow them to continue. For the rugby player, it is not about the pain. It is about overcoming any obstacle that keeps them from the sport. This is why many often opt to work with medical professionals in the chiropractic industry to optimize their physical h

Chiropractic medicine is a highly specialized field. Chiropractors such as James Revell use physical manipulation, movement, heat and cold to maneuver the human body into a position of healing. The benefits of this type of treatment for the rugby player cannot be over-estimated.Image result for How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help A Rugby Player!

Traditional medicine is needed when there is a break in a bone or if injury is so severe that it requires surgical intervention. However, in the rough sport of rugby; bumps, bruises, sprains and strains are the call of day-to-day life. These types of injuries respond quickly to the skilled hands of the chiropractor. The human body is designed to heal itself. Reducing of swelling, increase blood circulation from heat and massage can speed the healing along and return the rugby player to his position promptly.

The problem with traditional medical treatment

The problem with traditional medical treatment for the athlete is that it often puts the player out of commission for extended periods of time. Drugs that assist in pain control also cloud the mind, slow the reflexes and for the rugby player that is not a good thing. Following the period of time where the athlete is out of commission, the therapy begins. This therapy is movement, exercise, reduction of swelling and increased blood-flow to the injury. Does this sound familiar? Yes, it is the same plan of action the Chiropractor would have taken initially. This is not to say that there are not times when traditional medical treatment is in order. However, often it can be avoided with prompt and immediate chiropractic measures.

Why we feel pain and why we need to listen to our bodies

Pain in the human body is carried by nerves that travel to the brain and tells us what part of the body is in need of attention. Chiropractic specialists understand how these pain signals work. Through careful and precise manipulation of the spine, the pain message can be stopped allowing the patient time to heal naturally without the aggravation of constant and nagging pain. Traditional medicine masks the pain. When a patient takes a pill for the control of pain, the medication travels throughout the body and he feels no pain anywhere. Is this a problem? Yes. Because, pain is the way our body tells us when something is not as it should be.

Chiropractors use the body’s natural abilities to heal and assist it in a faster more efficient healing. Again, traditional medical treatment use some of the same tools the chiropractor does; but they delay it with traditional pain medications first. They delay actually increases the amount of pain a rugby player will experience and the additional time the patient is suffering is often suffered off the rugby field.

Chiropractic medical treatment has been effectively working to secure health since the 1800’s. Not only is it recognized as the most effective treatment for the sports athlete; it is also the most cost efficient treatment in most cases.

So many studies have backed up the science behind chiropractic treatment that many professionals recommend that rugby or other sports lover not accept any treatment without first checking with a trained chiropractor. It is further recommended that anyone who plays rugby or any physical sport always consult with a GP first and then find a good chiropractor before you’re in pain.

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