Four Things That Lead To Premature Aging

Living and aging are inevitable aspects of human beings. While living is apparently a matter of breathing in and out, aging is related to the changes of biological, psychological, behavioral, environmental, and social processes. But these altogether are causing us to age, rather say “look old” at a premature age. But our actual concern should lie in the health issues associated with premature aging. We do need to know all the reasons which lead us to premature aging.

  1. Our Attitude Towards Life: 

This is merely a psychological reason. Our mind decides our mental age. And, the mental age decides how old we should look in real. The old saying of “a happy heart lives longer” is actually not a lie. Simply, happier people are younger looking people. People that have various traumas, depression, anxiety or any kind of tough mental conditions tend to grow older very fast. Hence, the key is, we need to try to stay jovial as much as we can, living our life to the lees.

  1. Smoking and Drinking: 

Regular smoking and drinking deplete the necessary nutrients from the body. Then smokers catch fine lines in the face, deeper wrinkles, and bad oral condition with teeth to fall off early. Along with these, smokers and drinkers grow their skin and muscle in a poor tone. Cancer and other serious problems are no wonder from passive smoking and drinking, but aging is also a serious issue that smoking and drinking cause us to face.

  1. Food Habits:

Foods with high fat and sugar, processed foods, junk foods are our favorite to consume. These unhealthy food choices either make us gain so much weight or sometimes no weight at all. Both overweight and underweight people tend to have poor muscle tone and wrinkled faces respectively. So a healthy diet is important.

  1. Stress: 

Stress affects all our mental and physical works as it eats up all our energy. Psychologically, people with stress have slower body movements as their mind doesn’t let them do so. Aging fast is no surprise in such cases.

There are various other reasons why we age faster. Sometimes the reason is simply genetic or biological and sometimes the reason is absolutely out of wrong life-styling. Research by Clinique Anti Aging shows how premature aging is more dangerous for women. So, it is high time we need to be careful about it and promise ourselves a healthy attitude towards life.

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